The Official Trump 2024 Candidacy Thread (Part 2)

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The sister of murder victim Ruby Garcia said she and her family were home watching live, in disbelief, as former President Donald Trump told an audience in Grand Rapids that he had spoken with “some of her family.”

“He did not speak with any of us, so it was kind of shocking seeing that he had said that he had spoke with us, and misinforming people on live TV,” Ruby Garcia’s sister, Mavi Garcia, told Target 8.

Maybe an uncle or cousin.

Make sure you wear the proper glasses when viewing!




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Please please let the Republicans make the election about religion. That is one sure way to keep Trump out of the WH.

Focus on religion, abortion and transgender fear. All proven election winners for the Republicans. I love it.

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Lean into being an exclusively Christian Nationalist party.


Nevermind the fact that Conservative Party appears on many state ballots and sometimes has third party candidates on it… which means :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Then when they lose I am sure they will say it was gods will LOL.

Does it make you feel better about yourself to put down other people?

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Doubt it.

They will make Jan 6 the true day of Conservative Christian visibility


Lol here we go victim time again :rofl::roll_eyes:

Oh really?

Not a victim, Amusing that you actually think that a post by a stranger on an anonymous message board would affect me one way or the other.


But speaks to your psych that you need to put other people down in order to feel good about yourself.


It’s not about you. It’s about projection of victimhood

But it speaks volumes that you thought it was :blush:

Exactly. Thanks.

Nice dance.


Nice of you to chime in. But you couldn’t be more wrong, you could try, but you would not be successful.

The post was directed at me, replying to a post of mine.

But I really like the way you can tell what other posters are thinking when they post. :roll_eyes:

And be so consistently wrong.

Yeah, sure.


You were responded to, you made it about yourself.

It’s not

The generic victimhood is part and parcel of the windsock movement known today as maga. Yesterday as conservatives. The day before that something else.


Trump didn’t make it about religion.

Biden did.

That is the comic irony.


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