The Official Trump 2024 Candidacy Thread (Part 2)

Probability doesn’t need to be based on data. Probably can be estimated by simply looking at how a particular system works.

For them. Congress will not enact an exception for your missing/late vote.



Fee fees

Then I better follow the rules, hadn’t I?

I’m not a baby.

You are cute when you thump your chest. :wink:

Wow… that is low info right there.


I don’t think they even read, just look and point at the pictures.

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You’re not when you whine.

I read faster than you think.

Then you should quit whining.


The comparison does not worm. Biden is not trying to do anything illegal. If he stays in the race, gets the delegates votes and is the official democratic candidate then thats on the dems. If he wins the election he retains power legally.

The concern was that Trump lost the election and would not relinquish his position.

Now if Biden starts to act as if he will not leave the WH after he loses then you have a fair comparisoon.

The concern was unfounded. After Trump’s arguments were rejected judicially and politically, he left.

What’s with some Democrats talking about changing the rules to unbind the Biden delegates? I thought after the votes had been counted it was insurrection to try to change the outcome.


People showing up with fake signatures to commit fraud means that it was not unfounded.

Attempted fraud is still fraud

Not rehashing that nonsense. We’ll see how that winds up.


Right now Cheato Joe is not leaving.

Trump never said anything as crazy as only an act of God would get him to resign or drop out.

For now it’s a great comparison.

Exactly why Biden is in trouble. We have Trump to compare him with.

I said in 2021 that Biden would go Howard Hughes. He just did so by being animated by the media.

My opinion is that the pressure will become insurmountable and Biden will bitterly resign.

Nixon was no crook.

Biden is no leader.


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many states biden easily won now “in play?”

my my…

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Admit that you don’t know how any of this works without saying that you don’t know any of this works

It fits the Biden random theme.

This is pretty bad.

Attacks with knife… violent and then lies under oath.

Is this really the best Biden could hire? Was she involved in lawfare against Trump?

Exclusive: Tom Cotton — AG Merrick Garland Must Fire Top DOJ Official Kristen Clarke: ‘Lying to Congress Under Oath Is a Felony’