The Official Trump 2024 Candidacy Thread (Part 2)

We should have a viewing party at @Smyrna place and @tnt can supply the pizza. I will bring a selection of adult beverages (and non alcoholic drinks)

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Who whinges about it?

Trump says Biden is afraid of crowds.


I think he’s right.

‘Let’s Pick the Dates’: Joe Biden Agrees to Debate Donald Trump in June and September

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I’m in. Cheers! :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

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Can you find the post of our bet. I’m forgetting the details.

Whoever’s candidate pulls out loses? Is that right?

we could actually do this over zoom…


Gets my vote then I would be free to call all of you wankers :sweat_smile:

As her now “zombie campaign” continues to receive support, Trump could be in danger if he doesn’t make an effort to reach out to the dissatisfied group in his GOP base who could reject him come the general election, political scientists and strategists said. Especially in a race where a handful of swing states could be decided by tens of thousands of votes or less.

How will Trump reach out to dissatisfied Haley voters? My guess is he won’t and he’ll lose.

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And play this in the background the whole time

Just sing Indiana where appropriate

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Yes…it’s that simple.

Yep…if just 5% of those Haley voters stay home…Trump can’t win.

Why? Do you think the Haley vote isn’t reflected in the current polls? I am still not convinced he will win but it is looking more likely.

That 5% are probably democrats who could not stand to vote for biden. They will probably stay home. Looks to me that biden can’t stand to lose that 5%.

Wishful thinking. Your hero has a giant Haley weak spot.

Can you answer?

Just went and read about just who was voting for haley. Seems a lot of them are democrats.

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Recent polling doesn’t include Haley as an option.

I understand that. But it would still reflect wether they would cross over or not.

Secretary of State.

They’ll vote for Trump.