The obvious racism of the left

Who is more racist liberals or conservatives? Well it’s obviously the libs. Conservatives want minorities to succeed. We want them to be independent and financially secure. We recognize that is it good for the country when fewer people are owned by the federal government. Libs? They prefer to have millions minorities kept in their place. Dependent on government and the democratic party. If being independent meant that minorities would leave the party, then the dems would definitely prefer to have them under democratic control rather than see them succeed. Why do I believe this?

When was the last time the democrats offered any solution to the problems? Their response is typically to shout RACISM! Minorities are helpless because of racists who hate brown people. This idiocy is a bigger hoax than Trump/Russia. Screaming racism is not a solution. The democratic “solution” is typically to offer people more money to do nothing. You need to offer something better than that. That idea sucks. And of course you won’t, because the racial divide works in your favor. You will do anything to keep us divided.

Secondly. Minority unemployment is at historical lows. And the liberals can’t seem to admit that this is a good thing. Have you heard a single liberal celebrating this good news? Maybe, but probably not. They should be happy, but they are miserable instead. Conservatives are celebrating this fact and liberals are acting like it’s the return if Jim Crow. They are totally freaked out by the prospect of a dependent class becoming independent.

Okay, this is the part where the libs start attacking Altair rather than comment on the topic. This topic proves that Altair is a bad, bad man. Keep your eye on the ball libs. We have already had many discussions regarding all of the character flaws of Altair. Topic please. :heart_eyes:


It’s time for that graph again about how the economy has progressed since 2000…


Which side has actual White Supramcists (multiple!) running under their brand all over the country again?


Well obviously no need to read further. Thanks for clearing that up.


This should be the end of the thread.

So you saying that 90%+ percent of black people have it all wrong and should support republicans.

How can black people be so stupid!! I will tell all my friends that republicans support minority’s more than Democrats.


Neither. Republicans abhor white supremacists. They have zero power in republican politics or anywhere else. None. Let the them be miserable and powerless. Because they are. These people do not have the power to oppress anyone.

So why can’t liberals bring themselves to celebrate record low minority unemployment? Why can’t they enjoy a good thing.

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No, I’m not saying that at all.

Why are you having so much trouble being happy about record low minority unemployment?

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So, why are they allowed to run as Republicans? Who’s letting them do that?

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I’ll take the side that doesn’t have a former head of the American Nazi party running as it’s candidate in a national Congressional race this November.

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Stop defending white nationalists and people will stop saying you’re openly defending white nationalists.


I never said I was unhappy about unemployment. But I do not for a second think that Trumps motivation for tax cuts was to help black people out. I roll my eyes when republicans response to Trump be accused of being racism “well how can he be racist if black people have record low unemployment”? Uh because we just happened to be on the same ship as rich white people when the tide rose.

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America. It’s a free country. Who cares? Let them run. Can you name five bigots who are electable by republicans? You are obsessed with a tiny number of bigots who have no chance and are despised 99 percent of the country. You must connect these people to normal conservatives to survive. You have nothing else. It’s an evil strategy. But it’s all you’ve got.

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OP, please name one racist/nationalist/Nazi candidate that’s running on any national Democratic ticket.

Who voted for them that they won in Republican primaries?

dunno, im going to have to go look at a liberal rag real quick to find out

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Ok. You say you are happy about low minority unemployment. But then you get all sad again. There is no liberal happiness about low minority unemployment. They refuse to even talk about it. It’s a threat to them.

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Which organization let these racist/nationalist/Nazis run as Republicans?

i actually love that this thread was started at the same time Corey Stewart is debating Tim Kaine right now