"Illegal" Shadow Banning

They have a responsibility to close his account after this tweet below. Twitter owns the consequences of whatever happens as a result of impluse tweeting. It’s absolutely shameful that they allow this to continue.


I tried a few times to make a joke comparing this to Net Neutrality. Nothing I had was very good.

Does Donald think Net Neutrality applies here?

I don’t think MLK Jr. as an icon can or should be co-opted by either side. IF anything he should be embraced by both sides. He’s not a Republican or Democrat thing to be used as the face of either party. I think he would have been very upset by the prospect of this kind of talk.

So trump thinks a private company banning people is illegal but banning a journalist from a government press conference is acceptable…

That pretty much sums up modern conservatism…

All trump has to do is choose another service instead of Twitter and watch how quickly Twitter screams. Twitter knows this too.

Why would you lie like that? You tried to make the same claim during the Diamond and Silk nonsense, and were repeatedly shown that even leftist pages were affected.

Have you seen, for example, this thread? Wasn’t started by a left-winger.


I made tbe claim the actions were racist.

He is number 18 on the list…

CNN has more followers… LMAO…

Britney Spears has more followers…Lol!

Why doesn’t a conservative or “Trump friendly” entity start a social media utility where they can have the policies that they prefer?

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and that Facebook was targeting right-wingers. And both claims were idiotic. And you’re engaging in that same nonsense again on this situation.

Obama has almost twice as many… :joy::joy:

Obama has more followers, this probably has him frothing at the mouth. Lol!

And you think “followers” is proportional to traffic?

You people arnt very smart.

Wow, he’s behind #FakeNews CNN, #FakePresident Obama, and even Britney Spears? Wow. And America-hating Ellen Degenerate.

Britney Spears, think about that for a minute. Lol!

Then surely you can provide some evidence that more people are visiting Trump’s twitter than those other ones. Please, any time now.

Educate us… How is the value of a twitter user measured?

Someone should tweet that to him, he will lose his mind and it will be funny to watch the tweet storm. Wonder if Melania follows their twitter like she watches their network despite the directive from dead hubby.