"Illegal" Shadow Banning

The president of the United States, my friends…


What law is violated even if they are shadow banning prominent republicans?

Libs are fearful of the conservative message. The effectiveness of their narrative is at risk.

LOL… More likely the conservative message is caught in BS filter… Tell us, what law is the president referring to in his tweet?

Dont know for sure.
He is likely referring to some law that relies on the “disparate impact” concept to prove discrimination against some demographic.

That is my guess, snowflake.

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I don’t think that the President knows what is and isn’t legal when it comes to a free internet service.

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Could raise some legal issues with the FEC. Could constitute an in kind campaign donation. I thought people were concerned with people meddling in elections?


Oooooooops…Twitter says they’ve “fixed” it. Sounds like Twitter got Trumped. :sunglasses:

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No. He likely has no clue. He likely had no idea which if any law was allegedly being violated but just threw that in there cause it sounded good.

My guess is that they moved a couple of things around in the source code and “fixed” it.

Like the Diamond and Silk Facebook nonsense, there is no evidence that there was anything going on for Conservatives only.

It is simply Trumpian victimhood in full display and nothing more.


In the last hour? Sounds like the tweeked the algorithm to allow more BS through to satisfy the GOP… :joy:

“Twitter’s policy changes were meant to reduce the presence of white supremacists and other extremists on the platform. It remains unclear why Republicans were apparently being targeted while top Democrats weren’t affected, according to the Vice report.”


LMAO… Unofficial twitter spokesperson: We tweaked the algorithm to allow more racism and that fixed it!

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Funny that these things just affect voices that libs want to silence.

There was no source code change. There no doubt WAS a lib employee that was admonished … not for shadow banning but for being caught doing it.

It is odd that a racism filter would filter out the GOP users… Things that make you go hmmmmm…

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Trump should tell the Republican politician to just ban a few reporters in protest.

I had to look up “shadow banning” on google to see what the hell he was talking about - lol

Libs would call MLK jr a racist today.

I’m sure the GOP would welcome him with open arms… :joy:

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I remember when calling an entire political party racist would earn you a ban here, I wonder if that can still happen?

You interpret that as calling an entire political party racist?