"Illegal" Shadow Banning

Was I being too subtle for you? You weren’t being very subtle at all.

I seem to recall quoting of a violation was, in itself, an action that could be sanctioned as well.

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Depends on the violation, more applicable to profanity than something like what I quoted.

Yeah… I think most kinda liked that racist thing he said about looking forward to the day when people would be judged on the content of their character and not on the color of their skin.

Seems doubtful seeing as how they had no problem with Trump. His lack of character wasn’t an issue last election.

…ya mean Trump won again?:joy:

come on. it’s funny that they tightened up their filter to slow down the white supremacists and extremists and suddenly republican POLITICIANS are complaining.

best. movie. ever.

Nor the orange color of his skin.

You forgot to mention Nazis, homophobes and Islamaphobes so you must be a racist?:sunglasses:

Is he orange? I can’t tell. I’m colorblind. Perhaps that’s something the old timers like yourself focus on. I’m all about character, which he lacks.

Not really. You just listed a bunch of “great Americans” according to Trump.

You were calling the GOP Racists it was very obvious.
You are back tracking now.
Own up on it you were calling the GOP Racists

Yeah…I know.

Meet the other side that Trump made reference to while all other news outlets remained silent.

Nonsense… I was pointing out the GOP users he was referring to, the prominent republicans, were be affected by an algorithm intended to filter out white supremacist content…

Heh, if you guys judged people on the content of their character, there’d be no President Trump.

Indeed, you’re out here on a daily basis explaining why character does not matter to you.

This is funny ■■■■ you post.

I applaud you for knowing one sentence uttered by Dr. King. I encourage you to read more.


When they start mowing down people with cars and the media calls them great Americans, let me know.

As Trump continues to succeed, the left is resorting more and more to a violent retort. Those punks are leading the way, while the MSM paves their way through silent indifference.

You have been lied to.

I read his speeches and writings. I even read them to my young daughter (at that time) along with speeches of my other hero churchill.

Are they? Haven’t heard much about AntiFa in a while. Must be because Trump isn’t succeeding.

Thanks for proving my point.