The obvious racism of the left

Don’t panic. You are freaking out as if they have any hope of getting elected or they share any views of your conservative neighbors. There are some bigots running as conservatives. But it is certainly not as widespread as liberal bigotry. Will you do me a favor? Let me know when these nit wits get elected and start rolling back civil rights.

You lack reading comprehension.

I am happy minority’s are working, a trend that started under Obama and continues under Trump. I am not unhappy about anything with that.

My problem is with the assertion that Trump specifically helped black people out so we should vote for republicans now… that’s ridiculous

Not about whether or not they get “elected”. The point is they feel more empowered to run as a Republican than as a Democrat. The question is, why do you think that is?

If only Beck was here with his chalkboard. i wonder who bought it from his Blaze estate sale

There’s the rub - why do these white nationalists feel they’ll find more support if they run on the GOP ticket?

Don’t care. Because they are running in a party where bigotry is incredibly rare. So they will not be elected. I don’t worry about losers being losers. Why do you?

Democratic polices have done nothing over the past fifty years to improve the plight of inner city minorities. Your policies suck. What new ideas does your party have to offer? Ours have been working.

The Unemployment rate dropped significantly under Obama’s Presidency.

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“We want them to be independent and financially secure.”

You’re aware more whites are on welfare, no?

Because even if Republicans won’t actively support them, they won’t condemn them publicly anymore.

OP would like us to forget his presence and argument in the Charlottesville thread on the old forum, among others.

who is freaking out? i know their chances are the same as when Marine Le Pen was running. the difference is it was expected that FN would nominated her. these guys managed to get the R next to their name

You lack any self discipline what so ever. Gawd, you are predictable. That is why I told you in advance that you would change the topic to the flaws of Altair. You must do this. because in a genuine debate on issues, you get your ass kicked.

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Okay. So what would you do to improve the dismal conditions of the inner city? Democrats blame the police, and racism and that’s it. As if there are no other causes. Well maybe we should start to focus on the actual issues? Democrats will not, because they need minorities as a dependent/ victim class.

this has what to do with nazis running as republicans?

Again. You are as predictable as the sun rise. I told you that you could not focus on the obvious truths that are offered. You must change the subject to the OP to deflect from the actual topic of how liberals oppress minorities.

So you want to bring up Charlottesville? What exactly did the OP say about it? I will accept your apology in advance? You still want to want to distract or are you ready to explain why liberals do nothing to advance the cause of minorities other than crty about victimhood? Why won’t you guys budge? Stop complaining. Get off your asses and do something.

Oh look, don’t pay no mind. Just ignore them and they will go away.

The vast majority of minority races in this country identify as Democrats. Why do you think that is?

What is your plan to eliminate bad people from the world Einstein? Focusing on a powerless group of clowns who will never have any political power is absurd. You do it because you have nothing else.

What is the democratic plan to deal with the bloodbath in cities such as Chicago? It seems to be, point fingers at the police who rarely kill anybody, scream racism which has nothing to do with it and simply walk away. As long as they are poor and desperate, the democrats will have them. Liberal racism at it’s worst.

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Maybe the RNC should publicly denounce these racist piles of crud. Maybe trump supporters like you should start threads completely condemning these piles of ■■■■■ I don’t know, what do you think?

What do Nazis running as republicans have to do with the plight of minorities? I gave you real examples of democratic racism and you reply with nothing. You insist on talking about people who will never have the ability to influence any policy EVER. What is the point? They are going nowhere fast and you know it.

So why do you think that libs like minorities in the place? Dependent on government.

Yep libs are more racist, you can tell by the fact that we nominated and elected a black potus twice and we have more minority congressmen than cons.