The obvious racism of the left

the fact that they got the spot is enough. enough people voted for em and enough people refused to denounce or take the steps to make sure they could not get their party nomination is enough. what example did you give of dem racism? the fact that there is the lowest employment rate, guess what it has been trending down almost continuously the past decade. that a crappy example.

on the other hand we have literately dozens of examples of the GOP trying to disenfranchise voters either by taking away polling places, reducing hours, making it harder for inner city to register(those are just the ones on tape by 1 guy btw) which is why there is a tendency for those guys to run under the GOP banner. that and the fact that within the past couple of years, like Tommy has pointed out again and again, there is no denouncement hell there is even tactic approval

stop complaining that conservatives are the victims because they deserve all that they get

What a weak, desperate thread that was created for the sole purpose of running cover for a president that sends tingles up OP’s leg.

Why are you so obsessed with the OP? Got nuthin else? :roll_eyes:

Well you see your not offering any truth.

Of course you have. Ones who are committed to screaming racism whenever they can. Ones who support having a dependent class voting block. Ones who offer no real creative ideas. And what do you do to blacks who wander off of the liberal plantation and vote conservative? You attempt to destroy them by any means necessary.

But now you are changing the topic to flaws of PurpnGold? And yes I am changing topic back to flaws of alrair1013 but only to make you aware you are doing the thing you seem to dislike, I don’t care either way.

That would make sense if I actually did that. Which I did not.

Well if cons are so much less racist then why haven’t you elected a black potus yet?

Or maybe the RNC should promote polices that make minority unemployment the lowest in history. Conservatism helps everybody!

Because we don’t vote color. That’s a liberal thing. We vote policy.

I assume they’re already promoting that. So, back to tge question, why hasn’t the RNC and trump supporters like yourself not publicly denouncing these racist piles of crud?

So you start a thread, then wonder why people talk about the thread and the person who started the thread.

Exactly like I said before:

As I said you got nuttin else. I really don’t want to yap about you because I find you to be a hell of a lot more boring than you find me to be. So I moving back to the topic. You cool with that?

I love how one of those Republican candidates actually posted a picture of Prince Harry’s then- fiancee with a picture of a gorilla superimposed on her face, but the obvious racism of the Democrats…lol

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Um…in this thread was a story of at least three Nazis that won GOP primaries.

Voted for by members of the party where “bigotry is rare”.

The OP’s title “The ovbious racism of the left” but it’s hilarious how many stories are out there on a daily basis showing how racist trump supporters are.

In response, the customer, who is white, reportedly cursed at Rucker and said, “You’re from the ghetto. What do you know?”

Rucker, 60, told the Times Union that the customer said he would not have a job if Donald Trump wasn’t the president and called former President Barack Obama a “Muslim who didn’t know what he was doing.”

Yes back to the topic, which, as I said:

Let me look at that graph again. Thanks Obama!

Thanks for not screwing up one thing, president Punkinhead.


Yes we know


So you think stupidity accounts for it? Is that why and how they allowed themselves to be captured in Africa and shipped around the world as slaves? Stupidity?

No …the oppressors are stronger. They have weapons forged in fires of ideology and law books. They oppress through crafty artifice by stripping the black man of his soul and his incentive to work and his freedom of thought. If they try to leave the liberal plantation, they are “lynched” as Clarence Thomas put it.

No…you are mistaken. They are not stupid. They are targets of progressive liberals who have given these people no choice but to vote for them for the -as LBJ put it - “the next two hundred years”.

There are some that break free. In any demographic, there will be 10% who will break free. Here are are few who ran away from the liberal plantation.

Black people are not stupid and it is disgusting that you would jump to that conclusion. I am surprised that your racist posts are even allowed on this forum. No… they are not stupid.