The Most Truth in the Shortest Amount of Time, You'll Ever Hear


No doubt many republicans do. I’m not a republican. I wonder if the numbers would change if we split it up by nationality?


Interesting source by the way.


“Prove she said that”

Here’s the video:

Since the facts are straight you will probably resort to insisting there was a mythical context that makes this all right. That’s the usual way people try to deflect responsibility for such despicable comments.


Thank you for contributing and now…what did you think of what Candace had to say?


…and that about sums it up folks.


Alrighty then…you have NOTHING to say regarding the topic of Candace Owens? Fair enough.


Compare my two descriptions and judge for yourself. Then…let’s discuss Candace?


You never left where you are because you never listened to her. Try it…you’ll like it.


Thank you for your breath of fresh air.


How…did you derive that? On second thought, put down the doob and listen again. She cornered those that were practicing what you just preached and told them the real truth…from an EDUCATED minority perspective. It was positively brilliant too. Please post EXACTLY what you used from what she said, to call her, all or what ever number of black people you choose to categorize as stupid.


Yeah…yeah…Mark Dice. Alrighty then…concentrate…Candace Owens. What’s your thought on her response in the video?


Is that really what you think of the black unemployment rate?


She used common con talking points, but since she is black… cons eat it up and expect black democrats to #blexit

It’s isnt happening…

She said nothing I haven’t heard Laura Ingram say. Plus for someone so educated, she should have probably understood what Hiltler was. Instead of saying he was only because he wanted to spread his nationalism to the world,


You are spot on my friend. Thanks.


I’ll marathon Candace clips right after I get caught up on this whole Sandy Hook thing from Alex Jones, always great to get out my bubble and learn the real truth.


I think I judged quite well the types of people you recommend as “solid journalists”. Your “track record” speaks for itself just fine.

Others have described Candace Owens’ performance very well- nothing more for me to add.


I meant…besides me. :sunglasses:


I was only commenting on those others who described Owens’ performance WELL…


That’s what I said, besides me…

In all seriousness, if this is your approach, I’m wrong?


I watched that one minute and two seconds video in that link where Candace is speaking. The remainder of the article is another persons thoughts.

If you had watched the video in the OP, it would have been made clear for you . . . if clarity is what you really want. She was answering a question.