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So Ms. Owens didn’t say what appears in the video?


No, one mustn’t. There are only two choices.


This administration is not arguing about it, or saying what they are “going” to do for minorities. They are doing it. What works for one person, works for all. That’s the way it should be. Nobody needs different/special treatment.


What say I?

Candace Owens is best known for her praise of Adolf Hitler’s domestic policies and the curious notion that everything he did in Germany was just fine… he only lost his when when he invaded other countries.

I have frequently heard more truths elsewhere.


Bull ■■■■■

And it’s not like it’s hard to find.



Constant demonizing of immigrants
Constant demonizing of black people, especially prominent ones who help our community (Lebron, NFL players, More recently Nipsey Hussle)

To be clear this isn’t all Republicans… I am really only talking about the Fox News Republicans and anyone who agrees with them.


Prove she said that.


Are you claiming black people support the dem positions on homosexuals and abortion?

Are you claiming black people support illegal immigration?

I find that incredible.



Do democrats support illegal immigration?

Also I know the rhetoric around immigrants that comes from the Fox News Republicans is not supported by blacks people. Having understood how that same rhetoric keep us enslaved… we don’t like to see that used against our brown brothers and sisters.


Too all libs on this forum. Does Candace Owens have a right to think differently then standard democrat talking points?


Can you show your data please, I looked and don’t see any such thing.

Yes, dems absolutely support illegal immigration.


:rofl: I almost missed that. Where do you live?


He was directly mentioned by the OP, and he’s the OP’s source. He’s fair game as a topic.


Historically, and I am talking about even going into the mid 20th century and into the late 20th century, that has absolutely not been true.


He is not the topic of this thread, he is the one that prepared Candace’s message for us. He didn’t change on word of her testimony.

His character is irrelevant.


Show your data



To become what? Republicans? LOL!!!


With that criteria… both Republicans and Democrats support illegal immigration


From your link

Fewer then half (48%) of black Americans supported same-sex marriage (41% were opposed to it)—though the report noted a five percentage-point increase in support for same-sex marriage among black Americans from 2015.

There seems to be some disparity.

I can assure you brown Latinos don’t see you as their “black brothers”. As a group of course.

So 4 years ago, 53% of black people opposed homosexual marriage?