The Most Truth in the Shortest Amount of Time, You'll Ever Hear


This is a video of Candace Owens addressing Congress and I have never, ever heard more truth, in a shorter period of time than her words. She takes on a negative, political force and exposes them for the bald face liars they are. The video is composed by an independent journalist named Mark Dice. I may not always agree with him but Candace is truly brilliant in her responses. Listen and let’s talk about this. I’ve got to run for a few hours but …what say you?


I think that the modern Republican party, devoid of anything resembling real diversity, can be counted on to absolutely love it whenever they find a black person to peddle the half truths and misinformation they want to hear.

And as far as Mark Dice being an “independent journalist”? I had never heard of the guy to be honest, but within 10 seconds of looking him up he appears to be more like a scuffed Alex Jones. His Youtube page is basically just a series of attacks against MSNBC, CNN, Democrats, and reality in general.


He pretty much is. A poor man’s conspiracy theorist. Seems fitting that he’s fawning over another run of the mill CEC mouthpiece. They gotta get some new material.


This should not be a surprise to any…but she is amazingly right…correct. I have seen small movements in my home area of Chicagoland, where African Americans are trying to bolt the democrat party. Decades of promise after promise that never happened. Its how Lori Lightfoot won the Chicago mayoral race. Yes, she ran as a Democrat but is far from traditional. Winning by 72% over the cook county machine candidate. The Democrat Party needs to take heed. Americans…not just black Americans, are tired of being used, lied to and cheated. And this is what Ms. Owens is stating. And shame on them for the way she was treated. To my Democrat friends. Your party stands on the brink of having your own DJT to screw things up.


Calling Mark Dice an “independent journalist” is a really nice way to try to sterilize the fact that he’s just another rodeo clown conspiracy theorist. Basically a YouTube version Glenn Beck from his Fox days.

Sorry, won’t be clicking on that garbage. If you have some direct video of Owens that doesn’t require us to support a hack like Dice, or would love to tell us what she said that you believe is important for us to hear, please share.


The guy who wrote “Inside the Illiminati” Really, dude?

Giving this guy credence is an example of the type of thinking (or should I say gut reaction) that caused us to currently have a vicious sociopath in the White House.


Same Mark Dice that claimed Katy Perry performed a satanic ritual during the Superbowl halftime?


It’s truly amazing the sources some find credible.


But is Mark Dice as good as The Truth Cat, the last person you recommended?

Because SHE and others like her uncovered the Pedophiles’ Bunker that’s hidden beneath the Getty Museum in Los Angeles.

Until Dice comes up with mind-bending truth like that, I’m not sure I can trust him…


Hmm. The post I made is pending moderator approval, so I’ll phrase it a different way:

Another of those awful rings? They do an amazing job of uncovering them. Involving dems, I imagine?


Every major news network: fake news

Internet bloggers and grifters: the real truth

It’s sad this is where we are.


Speak for yourself.

Not all of us are there.


Candace Owens is what the thread is about, not Mark Dice. He had very little to say.

He presented the lovely Candace.

Start another thread on Mark Dice.


She is very attractive.


No she isn’t…

Unless of course you think all black people are stupid. There is a very valid reason why more black people arent moving to the Republican Party. It actually doesn’t have that much to do with the fiscal policy. It’s the social policies that keep Black people away.

It’s also the rhetoric. Most Republicans are completely out of touch with the black community. They don’t even try.

Cadence is not going to be the Moses that leads Black people to the Republican Party because she is using the same rhetoric that keeps most black people away. I listen to her and I see no difference between her rhetoric and Laura Inghrams.


She is. I’m a big fan.


Which policies and what rhetoric please.


Mark Dice.

You should hear what that guy has to say about Mormons.


Who cares?

What did Candace have to say that you agree with?


I saw her testimony.

I thought that it was a vapid stringing together of the same CEC talking points that have no more validity simply because it is a black woman saying them.

Blexit isn’t a thing.

If one wants to argue that the Democrats have failed minorities, then that is fine. One must then argue what the GOP is going to do that appeals to the people that they say are being failed by their leadership… and what they are arguing is a big fat nothing.