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And her answer was vile.


Then you didn’t watch it.


I am not going split hairs over how people praise genocide. Your defense can be on your conscience.


Listening to her entire answer does not make it better for her.

It makes it worse because you get to see her utter ignorance of history on full display on top of her making an idiotic remark about Hitler that was bound to get her in trouble.

In fact, it was her ignorance of history that “informed” her answer in the first place.


Do you have a reference where she was videoed praising genocide? I know you won’t find it, so don’t even bother looking.


We have a reference of her being ignorant about the history of a man who committed genocide…and how said genocide was pretty much a direct result of his nationalist beliefs.

So does that count?


She did use the word genocide: but she had fulsome praise for internal German policies… which were at heart genocidal. Completely immoral regardless of the semantic games you try.


She said a true nationalist would not murder his own people.


Ah…so she’s applying the “No True Scotsman” fallacy to boot.


Trump is a nationalist. He would not murder his own people. He might have a little Scottish blood in him, I don’t know.

My nephew is true Scotsman, we call him Scotty. La, la, la, … la la la la…


The H-man didn’t consider Jews and other “undesirables” to be true Germans. If someone doesn’t understand that simple fact, how ■■■■■■■ stupid are they?

Her whole argument is ridiculous (at best) and her vapid attempt to backpedal just makes her look even more dumb.


She was answering a question, not arguing. What was the question?


Candace Owens was a wannabe celebrity with liberal leanings, but realized she could make a lot more money and be more famous being a conservative. She loves that Turning Points USA money.


Capitalism!!! I hope she makes millions.


The question was about her thoughts on globalism and nationalism. She was making the argument that she doesn’t have a problem with nationalism and then went on to make the brain dead arguments that if H-man would have just focused on Germany, then fine.

No Candace, that’s not fine.


If she’s so bad, why did they invite her?


Is this the same Candace Owens who has appeared on InfoWars?


Why did the Republicans in congress invite her? Are we assuming Republicans in congress have good judgement?


Republicans are idiots?


These facts remain…

These politicians were misrepresenting and lying about facts in order to push their agenda. Just like what goes on here.

I’m still smiling over the expressions of the representatives when they were being called out for their misrepresenting and lying in the place where they sit in power - the HOUSE.

“The hearing today is not about white nationalism or hate crimes,” she said. “It’s about fear mongering, power, and control. It’s a preview of the Democrat 2020 election strategy.” ~ Candace Owens