The Left's War On Guns

Indeed! A permit needed to exercise a fundamental right?

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Can’t wait for my speech permit.



I could if I had to, but ugh.

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Actually, I doubt that. Most vegetarians that I know are zealots.

What!? Are you saying that salmon is not a vegetable? Well, I’ll be darned. :wink:

Yes, it was a narrow decision, but it limited that option to the States and it left the door open for a challenge.

Well, 25 states have bear without a permit. Mine included finally.

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My state, Ohio, just joined the club. But if we end up with a red flag law…


Removing guns is not the answer. There are laws right now on the books and criminals are not abiding by them. What makes anyone think that going forward, if they create a new law, all of a sudden criminals will abide by them? Currently the age of mass shooters is getting younger and younger. The problem isn’t guns, it’s the guidance of them from childhood into adulthood. Here’s a couple of solutions but there is still more to address.



Unfortunately, our opponents and subversives of our system of government in the Senate, have agreed to subvert the protection of federalism found in the Tenth Amendment, and also agree to ignore the specification of particulars listed beneath Article 1, Section 8, Clause 1, for which Congress may lawfully tax and spend, and intentionally doing so to defeat the protection of federalism.

These traitorous scoundrels in the Senate are the same kind who took over Cuba and now rule over the people with an iron fist!


They are not “liberals” or “progressives”. They are Authoritarian Revolutionaries, the very kind who took over Cuba and now rule over the people with an iron fist.


Criminals everywhere are laughing their asses off. They won’t be affected at all.


Neither will I. :wink:


I’m still waiting for one of the RINO Republicans, a supporter of the “Safer Communities Act”, or even a Fox News personality, to point to the wording in our federal constitution authorizing Congress to tax and spend for the purposes stated in the Act.

Keep in mind that on January 5, 2011, the House of Representatives adopted an amendment to House Rule XII requiring that Members state the constitutional basis for Congress’s power to enact the proposed legislation when introducing a bill or joint resolution. SOURCE

So, what is the constitutional basis for Congress to enact the 2022 “Bipartisan Safer Communities Act” and tax and spend for the purposes stated therein?


"The Constitution is the act of the people, speaking in their original character, and defining the permanent conditions of the social alliance; and there can be no doubt on the point with us, that every act of the legislative power contrary to the true intent and meaning of the Constitution, is absolutely null and void. ___ Chancellor James Kent, in his Commentaries on American Law , 1858.

Well… DAMNIT!!!

This one has a lot going on…

No comments from the Norway-philes?


Well, I’m not a Norway-phile, but I will point out this is their first mass shooting in over a decade. Meanwhile, America has had 283 so far this year. Which, if you’re curious, is 1.6 mass shootings per day.

That is not 1.6 deaths, that is 1.6 discrete shooting events where four or more people were shot. Per day.

So obviously, America is winning. :us:

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What multiple of their population do we have?

Well, let’s see.

So I take your point to be we have more mass shootings because we have more people. Norway has had 1 mass shooting event this year, we have had 283. Do you expect the population ratio to match the mass shooting ratio? If so, prepare to be disappointed. It is ~332,000,000 to 3,400,00, or ~ 61:1.

Besides, so what? To Hell with Norway, they are obviously no match for American greatness. :us: