The Left's War On Guns

I think it’s great. Lisa Murkowski’s support for that Bill (coupled with her disagreement with the Abortion ruling) will probably lose her the election. :wink:


Yeah, but we have the advantage. Norway is just beginning to experience the effects of racial, religious, and cultural diversity, while we have been at it for a couple hundred years.


I’d actually like to see an apples to apples comparison. 4 injured or killed is hardly a mass anything, especially when gangs are involved. It is sort of like lumping 1-19 YOA together to claim guns are the largest cause of death for all children. I like apples to apples better than a corn to cows analysis.


Seems he had an “automatic” weapon along with a pistol.


Iranian Shia interpretations of Sharia call for the execution of homosexuals. Throwing them from a roof has been used as a form of public execution.

Well, that’s the problem. There just is no way to make an apples to apples comparison on account of America’s awesomeness. :us:

Regarding definitions: there are several ways they measure this, I am using the most inclusive that comes from Gun Violence Archive which measures victims, not deaths.

Lazy is not an excuse. And expanding, or excluding sampling is a well know way of skewing findings to support a predetermined conclusion.

What’s lazy?

And I don’t think calling a discrete event with 4 or more woundings and/or deaths a mass shooting is an unreasonable standard.

But it really doesn’t matter what we call it so long as definitions are clear. We can instead call this “multiple shooting events”, or maybe some even more anodyne term, there has still been 1.6 per day in America. :us:

Which was clearly gaslighting.

How many in Ukraine? Mexico?


I dunno. Go find out and report back your findings.

But you are on the right track. I bet you do have to go to war zones or narco states to find examples that approach America’s greatness. :us:

But Norway with it’s pathetic one per decade record!?

…'outta here with that weak tea!

Utopia doesn’t exist, as Norway just proved again.

You live in a narco state.

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:laughing: yeah, okay. Whatever dude :laughing:

I don’t know what state you live in, I do know you live in a narco state. Fentynal and probably meth.

You also live in a police state.



Sure, sure, keep 'em coming.

It is hilarious to me that earlier today, you tried to tell me that you were out here teachin’ and stuff.

You are learning now. Name your state.

Not a chance.

Whatsay you go pester somebody else with your peculiar erudition for a while?

Of course you don’t, you want mass to apply to as small a number as possible to convey a sense of greater threat. Man has generally considered a number you can count on one hand as a few, and a number requiring more than can be counted on 2 hands as many. Mass, as an adjective, is a great many. A mass shooting should cause a (mass) number of casualties, overwhelming the local medical infrastructure’s ability to respond. It takes more than a dozen injuries to overwhelm a hospital emergency room in the US.