The last health care question anyone needs to ask

I like my Obamacare. Although it can be improved, it’s better than before

A lot of American’s feel the same way. We don’t want congress tinkering with our insurance. But they insist on doing so.

My coverage under Obamacare is about the same as it was before. But the cost is higher. Unlike many, I got to keep my doctor. So, it has not been too bad for me. I can live with it. They just need to stop “fixing” my insurance plan.

Yet Trump is intent on changing thimgs

Only Trump? Are the dems just bluffing?

Why do you keep reposting the same thread topic every few months?

Eventually we’ll get them to understand the vague fuzzy contours of Obamacare. It’s been 10 years but I feel like they’re getting close.

We’re have something similar. I’m retired, but I have lifetime insurance that I pay $100 a month for. My company also offers a 24 hour nurse practitioner conference, free of charge. That’s no part of my “insurance”, its given as a benefit from my company.

Two reasons.
We have new people every few months. And they still haven’t offered us their plan. Do you approve of those reasons? I hope so! :laughing:

We can’t wait! :laughing: :grinning: :rofl: :joy:

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Regardless the answer is the same… they don’t have a plan, they buy coverage through the DC heath care exchange program setup because of the ACA.


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you have to appreciate the environmental sensitivity to all these recycled face plants.

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Aren’t we Congress’s employer?

Pesky detail

Yes. And maybe as their employer we should offer them our insurance plan then?

Dayum! I-AM- IM-PRESSED! You remembered all that? I am truly flattered. I can’t remember what you said ten minutes ago.

My next thread will be worded differently though. I like to keep things fresh. So I will not be taking your advice. I hope you’re not too disappointed.

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Your poor memory explains why you keep forgetting the answer to this question you keep asking over and over again.

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Sure. What exactly should we offer them that is not what they have now?

When I was working far a military agency, I could go to the on-premise clinic when I was at work, no problem.