The incompetent administration

saudi arabia killed a washington post journalist.
the state department had a press briefing on it yesterday
this is an actual transcript of part of it
"QUESTION: Who again – what’s the name of the ambassador in Turkey right now?

MR PALLADINO: I don’t have that in front of me right now and I – Matt –

QUESTION: What’s the name of the ambassador in Saudi Arabia right now?

MR PALLADINO: I see what you’re getting at. Okay. We are confident in our diplomatic –

QUESTION: The answer is that you don’t have an ambassador in either place, right?


QUESTION: And in fact, the charge in Riyadh has now been nominated to be the ambassador to Yemen. So just is it correct that you do not have ambassadors in place in either Ankara or Riyadh?

MR PALLADINO: But we have diplomatic staff, senior diplomatic officials –

QUESTION: I’m sure you do.

MR PALLADINO: – very much – very much in charge. And yesterday Heather spoke at the top as well about the need for the State Department to get its full team on the field, and we definitely would reiterate our request for our colleagues in the Senate and their assistance in fielding our full camp.

QUESTION: Understood. Who has been nominated to be the new ambassador to Turkey, and who has been nominated to be the new ambassador to Saudi Arabia? Who are the nominees who are awaiting Senate movement?

MR PALLADINO: Matt, I don’t have that in front of me right now. And – but let me just say these are senior Foreign Service officers that have had full careers and we’re confident in our team’s ability.

QUESTION: You’re sure someone’s been nominated for both positions?

MR PALLADINO: I would have to take the question, Matt.

QUESTION: Robert. Robert, really quickly, just –

MR PALLADINO: All right, one more. Let’s go to Fox.

this is teh whole transcript

just another trump failure
no ambassadors in critical countries
trump hasnt bothered to nominate anyone for either post

And this lead to a reporters death how?

so no comment on trump not bothering to appoint an ambassador to either country???


The Incompetents moved out in jan. 2017. :+1::sunglasses:


My question still stands, your first words:

How was that the fault of The Trump Administration?


Nobody claimed it did, but when an American resident is pulled into a Saudi embassy in Turkey and allegedly cut up into little pieces, it would probably help to have actual ambassadors on the ground in either of these countries helping to spearhead investigations into what took place.

Instead, we have a President and an administration who seem disinterested in fulfilling the basic duties that come with being a world power. He would rather exchange love letters with a dictator.


It’s obstructionist democrats’ fault… or something

Describe in detail how not having an ambassador (but still having other staff) is hindering the investigation. Please be specific and detailed.

No doubt it looks that way through your Trump brand ■■■■ colored glasses.

Just the facts mam. :sunglasses:

He did comment. He wanted to know how you connected not having an ambassador to the killing. Still waiting.

Why do we have a President of the United States instead of just relying on the Cabinet to handle things?

Why do we ever bother putting people in positions of leadership? Because you need a point person able to coordinate information and make decisions.

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I think the point is that exerting influence over situations like this, putting pressure, raising issues, etc., requires having ambassadors on scene, people who carry the full weight and word of the US. Staffers at embassies just aren’t going to be taken with the same level of seriousness. The situation makes the US look like it’s not serious about the relationships. It also raises with other countries the question of competence: why doesn’t the US have ambassadors?

From this thread looks like the US is helping with the investigation without any trouble.

^^^ Clearly confused about what constitutes “fact.” Your tribal groundless opinions aren’t that.

I don’t think you understand anything about actual diplomacy. It takes a lot more than sigint. It requires people on site to push, to communicate. Why doesn’t the Trump admin have ambassadors to these countries? Is it a choice to act stupidly, or just more of its routine incompetence?

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I think the proper people to investigate are those in Turkey. This occured in their country. The US should just be a periferal and offer help as they request and is appropriate.

As I said way back when the Samali pirates were attacking ships with US citizens – you go places in the world where there is problems (or in this guys case, a country that you fled out of fear and go back to an embassy of that country) you take your own chances and don’t look to the US to come in gun’s a blazin’.


No confusion on this side. Just the facts mam. :sunglasses: