The incompetent administration


A list of President Trumps Ambassador appointees and nominees are available on the internet where you will see many are awaiting Senate confirmation.

Knock-Knock……………… Mitch (McConnell) are you there?

If libs want to see incompetence all they have to do is look in the mirror.


Not sure how this is Trumps fault. Advanced TDS as usual.

It’s not like there is no embassy there…


There is simply no connection between the ambassador and this event. Let them show how it would have been prevented with an ambassador and then we can talk.


Let’s review the swamp’s accomplishment over the last 30 years…

Stagnate wages
massive debt
Missed 9/11
Loss of manufacturing
Wrong on WMD’s
Rise of China’s dictatorship.
Never ending wars
Crashed the economy in 2008…


It’s quite sad that you actually have to put this writing. I’m sure the deflection and obfuscation will continue in full force, however.


They don’t and will never care. Nothing is ever Trump’s fault and they will never criticize him for anything. They’re way too far down the rabbit hole for that.


Alternative facts.


That’s your department which i will leave to you. I deal in just the facts mam. :sunglasses:



During the meeting, Graham recalled, Trump wanted to discuss national security.

Graham told Trump what he saw as his two biggest concerns with the topic, Iran and North Korea. At that point, Graham recalled the television began showing old footage of North Korean missile launches.

Graham said Trump grew worried after watching the footage, as he was under the impression the launches were happening in real time.

“That’s old footage, old footage!” Graham recalled telling Trump at the time, laughing.


Nah. That’s what the White House came up with to plaster over their own idiocy. The term was invented in the West Wing. They own it.


Fortunately for the security of Americans abroad, and for maintaining good relations with foreign powers, the administration was able to find the exceptionally qualified* Randy Evans to shoulder the burden as Ambassador to Luxembourg. After filling this demanding position, perhaps the administration could fill some patronage picks like Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

*and that means being a pal of Newt Gingrich and some other high level Republicans. And yeah, both parties do this.


these are some of the current embassys that trump hasnt bothered to nominate n ambassador for

saudi arabia
south africa


With his track record when it comes to staff and appointees, that might be a good thing.


In Trump’s defense, what qualified individuals would want to work for this administration?


Trump just stated that even if the Saudi’s killed this guy, he will not take the $110B arms deal off the table. It looks like any accountability for this will be up to the Senate.




Brown person, only a US resident and worked for the WaPo…


Hell, if all you Trump Republicans don’t think we need ambassadors let’s bring them all home. That’s money for another potential income tax cut for Trump and Jeff Bezos.


It’s not in a sense…but under federal law if its proven that the prince had him killed trump will have to place sanctions on Saudi Arabia


Other staff wont have connections and access and ambassador would have… it’s not exactly something that wouldn’t hurt to have.