The "immigration reform" lie

The scanners are employed on both directions of traffic

President Trump gave Dems more then twice the amount they wanted in DACA protection and the Dems refused it.

Of course not. You’re arguing with yourself on this one.

The reason the borders are “wide open” is because wealthy business interests want them open.

And on Friday Trump suggested we eliminate ALL of the immigration courts and judges. Stable Genius!

Wooosh, Woosh! :roll_eyes:

Too bad they couldn’t do anything the last two years when they were in complete control of the federal government.

It’s almost like they don’t want immigration reform.

Also Democrats want voters.

And Republicans want cheap labor. Win-Win.

Why didn’t Trump try to get the Republican Congress to reform the asylum laws when they controlled both the House and the Senate???

Yeah but unlike Republicans in say…north Carolina they like to win properly

So the op has been shown many instances where dems have offered compromise, agreed to bipartisan reform only to be blocked by the far right…

Yet is still.claiming it is the dems fault that nothing is being done…

It seems the op is just interested in blaming dems for the actions of the far right no matter what…

That makes it seem like a very dishonest discussion on the ops part…

They tried in 2013. Republicans showed they’d rather deny Obama a victory, and ensure their ability to use immigration as a talking point in future elections, than give actual immigration reform a try.

And where we are.


It was far-right congress creatures in general. Hacks like McConnell voted against in the senate, but there were enough in the senate to pass the bill to the House in 2013.

Ryan wouldn’t bring it up to a vote. Denying Obama a win was more important than acting on immigration. 2013 had a good bill to consider.

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This is not true. The 2013 did a lot of what needs to be done now. Go read it.

EXACTLY! Scanners do nothing but scan!

In other words they serve their purpose perfectly. They aren’t suppose to do anything else.

Small Correction: It was John Boehner, Not Paul Ryan who was Speaker of the House in 2013 and 2014. Boehner refused to bring that bill up to a vote. (Ryan became Speaker in 2015.)

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Some Republicans do, they want cheap labor and hopefully some voters crumbs as well they’re called RINO’s and it’s definitely a win-win for the “status quo” of the DC Swamp as the filth in DC goes across both political parties with Democrats in the lead of course, but Republicans are not far behind.

The Democratic proposal not only included better scanning equipment but more border patrol agents as well. How does that not improve border security?

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