The "immigration reform" lie

How many times have we heard Democrats claim that they want to work with Republicans on “Comprehensive immigration reform?” A bunch right? They are liars. Why? because if they wanted to, it would already be done. They would have presented their plan. Have they presented a plan to allow for quicker deportations of invaders? A better system to block invader entry in the first place? A way to end catch and release? If they have not, then they are lying, they have no plan to work with republicans, they just want to blame republicans for not supporting their idea to accept and legalize all invaders. In totally unlimited numbers. Most American’s are not interested in protecting the interests of foreign nationals or supporting low skilled, third world types financially. If you want to work with republicans, lets see your plan.

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There doesn’t appear to be much area of compromise in the post above. It sounds more like a unilateral declaration.

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It’s not a compromise. If the libs had any intention to compromise, they would offer a compromise plan rather than offering talk. They will not offer a plan because if they put their beliefs down in writing, the American people would be appalled.

Obviously your idea of compromise is somewhat different to mine. I would think what you would get would be to organise a meeting where you could discuss areas of agreement and work from that position.

Have you not been paying attention to the last decade of comprehensive plans put forward by groups of bipartisan legislators only to be torpedoed by the far right?


I’m not offering an idea. I’m just saying that the dems are lying. They keep talking about working with republicans but they have brought nothing to the table. And I’m right. They only talk about serving the interests of the foreign invader. Not a word about actually securing the border.

You seem to not understand that if you want to work out a compromise, issuing an unilateral declaration isn’t useful and is self-defeating.

They did. You really should try paying attention.

Obstructed by Republicans in the House.


Yes. But they did not lie about it as the dems are currently doing. None of the bi-partisan plans improved border security. None. They all put the interests of foreign nationals above all. The top priority was how to legalize anybody who sneaks in. Republicans loved the cheap labor, democrats want the extra votes and conservative’s just want our borders to not be over-run by border crashers.

Please explain why improving the efficiency of detection scanners doesn’t improve border security?

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Can you give us some links to all of these times so we can discuss what you’re referring to here?

I do recall when trump took office he said to Congress, “come up with something and I’ll sign it.” Congress DID in a bi-partisan way, and trump said NO. I do believe that compromise had something to do with a path for Dreamers AND money for border security.

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That isn’t even remotely true.

The proposal, which Democrats are drafting into a formal letter to Trump, will include border security improvements such as retrofitting ports of entry, new sensors and drones, more immigration judges and border patrol agents, and additional technology, among other measures.

That’s an obviously false statement.

That was so long ago. Like 4 month.

I will!!!
Because they actually don’t do anything. They let us know that our country is being invaded. We already knew that. But they do nothing to stop the invasion. In two months 17 thousand people were detected and released into the U.S. Scanners don’t do crap. The border patrol says that they already are overwhelmed. I believe them.They cannot handle this invasion. They don’t need to take more people into custody. They have no place to put them.

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That is quite the bold claim based on nothing but emotion. Prove that the scanners don’t do anything.

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Comprehensive immigration reform is Democrat “code” for Amnesty and Open Borders.

…didnt one just catch a record breaking amount of coke less then a month ago?