The "immigration reform" lie

Not bold at all. Nobody is kept put by a scanner. It’s like putting a “do not enter” sign up. Can you explain how they keep people out?

You really should start doing a little research first

Prove that they do something other then just “scan”.

Thats like saying why have scanners at all?

Not like scanners are used in everything from, Disneyland to Airports

All they is scan :rofl:

What more is a scanner suppose to do?

Get the Platinum package and it also makes coffee!


Brainwash voters to support trump, or send illegals to another dimension…like a bizzaro Narnia gate

Indeed they did “scan” all that dope but it was the border patrol agents who were able to physically confiscate it, scanners can’t do that.

Please read what you posted really really carefully

The majority of the people here are coming in seeking asylum, these aren fence hoppers there is no keeping them out until they are processed.

What we are seeing right now is a huge deficiency in our immigration courts and immigration laws.

"U.S. Customs and Border Protection has long sought a way to identify the millions of travelers who leave the country each year through land border crossings into Mexico and Canada."

People leaving the country is not the concern here. Nobody who wants to sneak in is going to go through a stupid scanner. How exactly does this keep us from being overwhelmed by illegal border crossers and being forced to turn them loose in the U.S? Wouldn’t it be better to simply deport them while we process their applications?

Well, actually …

“As in recent years, a majority (62%) say immigrants strengthen the country because of their hard work and talents. Just 28% say immigrants are a burden on the country because they take jobs, housing and health care, according to a new survey by Pew Research Center.”


There actually is a huge need for labor in this country even with our all time low unemployment rate.

Didn’t they have border security/wall funding in exchange for DACA protections last year, and President Trump vetoed it because he wanted more for less?

Then pay more

What happened to the recent CEC talking point that Democrats used to be for a border wall??

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The democratic proposal included adding CPB agents not reducing it’s size. Nobody is suggesting getting rid of border patrol agents.

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Are you saying a scanner can actually physically “act” on what they scan?


Is that a reason to leave the borders wide open? Accept anyone? Drug dealers? Human traffickers, Gang members and people who simply want to work for less money then our laws allow?