The idea of catching Trump in a "perjury trap" ... is he really that scared?



This is what we’ve become. A country that can’t trust its leader to tell the truth under scrutiny.

The “new” normal.


He lies like he breathes, he would pass it easily.



Like Hillary did for 11 hours?


This is what we became in 2009.


Their are going to be NO POLYGRAPHS. This isn’t about some about some 2-bit hood. Well, actually it is, damn.


I’d pay a dollar to see Donald lie for that.


If you’re making a point, please provide some support for it, not just empty rhetoric.


Keep your doctor
Not a smidgen

The support is common knowledge.


Focus on the topic… not the poster.


Is trump scared you ask? Is trump a liberal progressive twinkie? The answer to both questions are ■■■■ NO. Nice try.:star_struck:


Yeah! They only went after her because of Trump! Everyone in prison ever is because it’s all been a witch hunt to get our leader!


If I wanted to listen to liberal progressive talking points I would tune into Rachel Maddow or fake news media.


When the President is asked a question, if anyone else testifies differently, there’s now a basis for perjury. Here’s the next part…an accusation was made regarding Russian collusion. The intelligence agencies unitedly stated they found no credible evidence to support this accusation. A special prosecutor was formed for political reasons with the purpose of removing the President. It isn’t about ■■■■■■■ Russian collusion. Now…if you have evidence, bring it on. The President is innocent until proven guilty. He can choose not to testify against himself and that’s the right of every American.


18 U.S. Code § 953

Wrong as usual.


Yep. Mueller knows the answers… but so does Trump. The truth is not some big secret, it’s just that trump is incapable of telling it.


So, You think it’s about your party wanting revenge. Still admitting it’s a witch hunt…


You have a reading comprehension problem is that’s what you took from my post. Of course, we already knew that about you.


Nope…Wrong as usual.


Hey, if the US government starts an investigation on Russia tampering with our elections and you get caught up in that investigations where your crimes are uncovered then I have no sympathy for you. You’re still a crook.


Did you read the statute? You’ll see why your talking points are worthless if you do.