The idea of catching Trump in a "perjury trap" ... is he really that scared?




Pressed by Blitzer on whether Trump’s lawyers were concerned that he might commit perjury, Scaramucci continued, “His personality is such that he likes to embellish stories.”


What happened to that old conservative mantra that if you’re innocent and nothing to hide, why not sit down and talk?


I don’t remember that mantra. I already explained my opinion. You are free to scroll up and read it.


Anyone can get caught in a perjury trap. If you have ever been polygraphed, you would know that.


That’s convenient. :wink:


Polygraphs cant be used to prove perjury and Trump’s legal team would NEVER let him take one and Mueller would never ask him to take one.


It’s also true. Is your up arrow busted? :flushed:


Some people’s conscience surely seems busted.


I agree. Donald Trump should never ever ever ever ever take a polygraph.


I agree. Donald Trump should never ever ever ever ever take a polygraph.

And Mueller would never ask him to take one. Mueller is a by the book guy, if Trump doesn’t want to sit for an interview, he will subpoena him. That’s why what Rudy is doing now isn’t a legal plan, it’s a public relations plan, a campaign plan against Mueller.


That’s kinda random. I was not referring to trump taking one.


Compulsive liars are prone to perjury.


BTW I have been poly’ed before, for work. They can ONLY be used ‘‘informationally’’


Mueller doesn’t know? Who believes that besides you?


You guys will say anything. LOL


You’ve been polygraphed? Tell us more.


I still was not referring to any legal authority it has. You imagined I was. I was only referring to the fact that everyone has lied about something. It is one of the first things a polygrapher proves to you when you are in the chair.


Whatever your point, there will be NO polygraphing in this investigation. Zero.


Again… you interjected that thought. Not I.


You’re the one that brought-up polygraph, my assumption you were cleverer than you are, sorry, my fault.