The idea of catching Trump in a "perjury trap" ... is he really that scared?

I really love this talking point by Rudy and friends that Trump might get caught in a perjury trap. Rudy just admitted Trump is a liar and can’t tell the truth. So sure, if he’s under oath and he tries to lie, I guess that is perjury. But it won’t be Mueller’s fault.

This whole game of “will he or won’t he” speak to Mueller is a smokescreen anyway. He won’t and everyone knows it – except for Trumpettes, apparently. He has no intention of it.

And they still haven’t figured out that Rudy is not helping him. But hey, keep talking Rudy. Keep opening your big mouth.

There is no perjury trap.

There are legitimate questions needing answers, and then there is Trump who can’t help himself from knowing when to shut up and or when not to say any old thing that he wants to say.

The ones promoting the notion of a “perjury trap” with regards Trump testifying under oath seem to me to be tacitly admitting that was how Republicans finally caught Bill Clinton after 4 years of Kenneth Starr coming up with bumpkus.

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There’s no perjury if you tell the truth.


The idea of a “perjury trap” only works when you’re talking about someone who appears to be pathologically unable to understand the difference between truth and falsehood.

Every time anyone is put under oath, it’s a “perjury trap” - that’s the whole point of putting legal teeth there, to “trap” those who lie when we obligate them to tell the truth.


Why is it so hard for Trump to go and answer some questions? If he takes the interview seriously and answers the questions truthfully, can anyone tell me exactly what harm is being done?

Hadn’t really thought of the Clinton angle, but yeah, that does fit. Still, though, not talking isn’t any protection if we assume that Mueller has information from elsewhere.

Well then, for Fat Donald, in the famous words of Admiral Akbar…“It’s a trap”.

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I’ve heard analysts say it’s all a game to undermine Mueller, which would go along with other things they’ve been trying to pull. But I don’t see that completely since Mueller will do his job anyway. I don’t really think he needs Trump, but if Trump is as innocent as some people say, he should just get 'er done, as Larry the Cable Guy would say.

Well, that’s not necessarily true.

The Trump dog and pony show of Giuliani and company have all but put it in writing that Mueller has the goods on Donny, aka “information from elsewhere”.

The following is quoting from memory of Mayor G. as he spoke on Trump TV: “Mueller already knows all the answers to the questions he wants to ask the President”.

ask Martha Stewart…

I think Trump’s people are just as worried that he will screw up and tell the truth.


Considering the guilty people are the ones who used the Clinton dossier to get a FISA warrant. The investigation into Trump is just a cover up for that…

Your Clinton deflections are now getting laughable.

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The facts don’t change…

Trump and company are “that scared”.

I now believe Fat Donald doesn’t want to have the Mueller investigation reveal just how colluded his campaign was with the Russians if not in successfully securing hard material at the very least in conspiring at collusion to obtain the valuable goods of such things as stolen DNC and Clinton e-mails.

He doesn’t want this causing any doubt to be cast on his chance to be reelected.

He doesn’t want his administration to go down in the history books as the most vile and corrupt administration ever, EVER!

He doesn’t want his Presidential Library to end up being some dingy rooms in a Federal Penitentiary.

It is one thing to be somewhat shielded as a sitting President, but he has to know his family and his fat ass are fair game for criminal indictments and trials and imprisonment once he is out of office.

I can understand his reported rants and tirades.

Kind of reminds me of this guy:

Even if called up Putin and told him to release the DNC e-mails to the media, that’s not illegal…

But trumps lies do…

All Trump has to do is tell the truth or plea the 5th. Given what happens when he usually runs his mouth, I’d highly recommend taking the 5th.

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