The idea of catching Trump in a "perjury trap" ... is he really that scared?



Either way, lies or the accidental truth, Mueller would get his Trump cake and eat it too.



I don’t know about Trump, but you better be glad your posts aren’t under oath.
You would be serving about 50 concurrent life sentences.

Mexican is a race- 10 years.
A nine year old girl was the plaintiff in Brown vs Board of Education - 15 years.
Trump has committed treason - 20 years.

That’s only about a day’s work for you.


I think I saw some Trump Cakes in a urinal I was using the other day.




If you had been a con man and a liar your entire career would you wanna sit down with an investigator?


And the facts of the Clinton case has nothing to do with the dealings of the Trump campaign. You people look stupid every time you use this deflection in this way.


An investigation of a potential shady Clinton real estate investments turned into a 4 year investigation about some nooky in the White House. And the worst that could be pegged on Clinton was that he lied about it. And EVERYONE had to reupholster their fainting couches because we USED to hold the president to a certain standard.

You guys are not holding Trump to the same standard you held Clinton. I’ve always been consistent that I thought Bill was a pretty good president, but completely lacked moral character. It’s 20 years later, and the right-wing STILL can’t stop talking about Bill’s behavior, but forgives Trump for the same bad behavior.

Don’t be such hypocrites.


Trump–zees sure have a lot of faith in their lord and master, don’t they?


If his lips are moving he’s lying - so an interview under oath is problematic.

And, as Rudy admitted - Mueller already knows the answers to anything he’d ask Trump.


That’s where you are wrong. All you need is to have somebody claim you are lying and you can get charged. It depends on who they want to believe. And in this case, they will believe anyone over Trump. Trump has nothing to gain from this. They haven’t even told him what crime they are investigating.


Also all too predictable.

And like the Energizer bunny, keep going and going and going.


Wishing and hoping. :rofl:


That’s ridiculous. The claim would have to be proven. As far as what crime, neither you or I know what the conversation between Mueller and Trump has been. So your statement is a nothing burger.


Trump is serial liar and he has a history to prove it. And this is what you want to go with? Good luck.


Did you really just say nothing burger? Gawd I hate cliché’s. And I’m not a hater. But at the end of the day, I will make an exception for clichés. I hate em.

If I were Trump, I would demand to know what crime is being investigated. Name the statute. And what evidence do they have that Trump was involved. If they are unwilling to produce either, I would tell them to buzz off.


Yes, I did say nothing burger. And I don’t take it back. You asked what statute. Why would I know? I’m not Bob Mueller. Ask him. I’m sure Trump knows. Which is why they don’t want to answer.


I’m not even sure Trump knows what are lies and what’s the truth any more.


Wrong!!! He’s a cereal liar. He said he had Frosted flakes when he actually had Rice Crispies.



Uhm. Nobody knows. Not even Mueller. It is an investigation in search of a crime. I wouldn’t give him a second of my time unless he’s got something. Which he obviously doesn’t.


Once again! It would be no problem to testify in front of a honest unbiased persecutor, but taking in consideration Mueller&Co are compromised, biased and looking for perjury trap, surely that everyone would be scared. All the disclosures about FISA abuse, Steele dossier, Bruce Ohr, Rosenstein and Mueller himself, the team he has put together, all that facts are ignored by that hypocrite liberals…