The house select committee on Jan 6

We know that is not true.
We have been down this road too many times to believe the lies the leftist in DC tell.
There would not have been any equal in nancy’s house. Never has been. Never will be.
You all used these same lies during the passing of the ACA. But we all know there was no equal voice in that crap show.

The true split is 7 leftist and 0 republicans.


No nancy picked the GOP clown. Who will do exactly what nancy tells her to do. McCarthy is going to allow nancy to paint the leftist as the partisan hacks that they are.

Here we go again…

McCarthy turned down the bi-partisan commission bill before Cheney was involved.

Why do you think we would believe a known liar?


You really need to do something about all that bitterness.

Gonna burn you up.

The GOP was offered a 9/11 Commission style committee.

Then an equal committee

The GOP rejected them after Trump told McCarthy to do so.

These are facts no matter how angrily you deny them.

And we will remind you the nancy is a known liar who never plays by the rules.

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Y’know the funniest thing about all this is how you’ve all super conveniently forgotten what was going on in the Capitol when the Gravy SEALs broke in.

They don’t need to, not anymore. Their supporters know they’re being lied to and don’t care. This is how it always goes.

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Hmmm. I just read where Dem rep Hank Johnson was just arrested along with others by the capitol police for obstructing in the entrance of the Senate office building. He was trying to force constitutionally mandated representatives to change their vote. It is not reported that the capitol police shot at him. I assume he will be put away for months for his part in the insurrection.


And the worst part of all is that they will soon be back in power. I wonder who our Augustus is going to be?

How many windows did he break? How much stuff did he steal? Did he smear feces on the walls of the Speakers office? How many cops did he assault?

Somebody did something sometime…therefore the Capitol rioters were cool.

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you misspelled "insurrectionists":upside_down_face:

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Seems your now trying to project all that trump and trump supporter hate on to someone else. But no the hate is all yours. Kept you going for four years. Why stop now.
Plus you can quit repeating the leftist lies. We have heard them all before.
Nancy lies. This is a fact no matter how much you want to deny it.

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I was trying to be nice…:sunglasses:

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It won’t be an Augustus.

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I think it’ll have to be. They can’t go full blown Caligula right out of the gate…can they?

There is no Conservative party. Remember?

Because you have a history of doing so?