The house select committee on Jan 6

why do you keep saying that?

Investigate the whole thing.

They use to exaggerate. Then they did spin. Then it was just flat out lying.
And yes, I do believe that they think that we are that stupid.
And it was interesting when I saw multiple folks interviewed while they were standing in line for a Trump rally say that Trump always told the truth and the only ones lying to the public was the Democrats.

That is a really specific metaphor

Edit: simile. That is a really specific simile.

That’s how the leadership likes it though, stink up the place get it nice and foggy then blame someone else

Sure why not! And show us the video footage in its entirety not just snipits.

I’m all for that.

a lot of those Proud Boys and PatriQts took a ton of video.

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Oh man that’s good!

Next best thing to impeaching Trump.

They are addicts.

May 18 - McCarthy rejects bipartisan commission

Jul 1 - Pelosi names Cheney

Note the dates.

I think he gave up- rightly so. Often wrong but never in doubt

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Well said!

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“Often wrong, never in doubt”. It is hard to find out who originally said this quote. In at least one case, attribution is given to President Kennedy’s speech writer, Theodore Sorenson , who is credited with saying this about the CIA.

So I’m just a repeater.

It really feels like they’ve been mailing it in. They don’t even try anymore.

Especially the gaslighting. Just totally disprovable nonsense tossed out online, on the radio, and on T.V.

And then repeated ad nauseum.

They don’t have to try.

That’s the point.

I expect another gaslighting right now…

Why should I read your bunch of junk again. That pile of junk has nothing to do with what I said.
I am using the same standard you are using for ashli If she did not want shot. She should not have been hanging around drug users and dealers.
I believe neither should have been shot. They were both unarmed.
But you seem to have a double standard. Wonder why that is?

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Nancy’s is the clown show committee. The clown shows only purpose to to spend tax payer money painting the conservative party as evil. Nothing but a tax payer funded partisan witch hunt.
McCarthy’s committee is focusing on the failure of the capital police.

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Maybe you need to go read up on what McCarthy’s committee is going to focus on. Hint it is the failure of the capital police.
You leftist want a clown show to paint the GOP are evil because that’s the only way you think your not going to get slapped down in the midterms.
McCarthy wants to get the the real failure that happened. And that is why were the capital police not up to the task of doing their jobs.

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I’m all for that. I would also like to see an investigation into any Senate and House members who may have been in contact with the Capitol Police and/or members of the protestors.