The house select committee on Jan 6

After weeks of hemming and hawing, McCarthy finally announced his 5 republicans so we have an almost even split 7 dems and 6 republicans. Committee hearings begin next Tuesday the 27th.


Is the Republican so devoid of talent they couldn’t find anyone better than Jordan?

Jordan was a lock to be on it… Gotta have someone on there for the theatrics …lol. I figured he put a few more on there actually, Green, Gohmert etc

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It’s gonna be entertaining watching Cheney beat him like a drum.

A paper tiger would have greater gravitas than Jordan.

Cheney is a joke! This whole thing is honestly.


Almost Even…thank you ladies and gentlemen…we will be here all week at the Chuckle Factory.

It will be a valiant losing battle…just like the impeachment testimony in the secret bunkers.

Stated with such vigor and hope of acceptance as somehow balanced or unbiased.



Can’t wait to see the results.

Thanks nancy.

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We know what those results will be.

No justice for Ashlee Babbitt either.


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Elections have consequences.

Attacking the capital have consequences is more accurate.

Missed the point.


Well this should be a productive series of conversations. I look forward to what will be a sober analysis of the events with absolutely no grandstanding from panel members.

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Drinking Game. Shot every time “insurrection” is said.


Make sure someone collects the car keys first.


“His list for the Democratic-led probe into the deadly melee includes…”

Notice how this is spun? Who died NPR? Oh yeah…Ashli Babbit and it was murder but that isn’t how this was just spun, is it?

This is the perfect example of sheople food. Now…eat…regurgibleat…and tomorrow…repeat.


I noticed that too.

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There has to be a Clown Show to distract from Biden during the mid terms.

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And every time BLM and Antifa are mentioned.

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