The house select committee on Jan 6

Did I argue it is?


So principled

BTW, of course they had the right to oversight then, and they do now. Your argument is silly.

Article, section, clause?

Congress doesn’t have rights.


Looks like they got it wrong again.

All that effort to fence and secure and nobody came except some FBI trainees to entertain the media.

WASHINGTON (AP) — In the shadow of a fortified Capitol, a few hundred demonstrators turned up Saturday for a rally to support those charged in January’s riot, but were vastly outnumbered by the media and a heavy police presence.

U.S. Capitol Police were taking no chances, with hundreds of officers brought into Washington in an effort to avoid a repeat of the pre-inauguration attack. The fence around the Capitol was put back up, the city police force was fully activated and Capitol Police requested assistance from the National Guard.

We didn’t even bother with a thread here.


Of course they are going to over prepare after what happened in january.

Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, won’t get fooled again. :wink:

This person was released from jail on condition that he give up listening to conspiracy theories. My first instinct is that seems reasonable.
Now, would it be acceptable in the riots in Minnesota , Oregon, or Seattle to release those charged with trespassing or rioting on the condition that they avoid any information claiming there was police brutality, racial injustice, or economic injustice?
Or would that be somehow different and a violation of the first amendment?


I think the organizers of this rally are on to something.

They should fill social media with chatter and get the attention of the FBI…then hold a small and totally passive rally calling for an end to political imprisonment.

They started rally with pledge of allegiance and a round of applause for the police.

Keep up awareness until all nonviolent protestors are released and we get justice for Ashlee.

‘Justice for J6’: Protesters Call for Due Process for Capitol Attack Detainees ‘Justice for J6’: Protesters Call for Due Process for Capitol Attack Detainees

Make the cap PD go through the exercise of putting up fencing and deploying reserves once a month.

This head fake will draw in media and get coverage for the political trespassers.

Hold the next one in mid October.

It was a trap and the protestors didn’t fall for it.

Pelosi would have loved a small riot like last time!

Back to the drawing board for Pelosi. :grinning:


False equivalency, straw man and deflection. A trifecta!

No it isn’t. They are exactly equivalent. Radicalization is radicalization.

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Is it true or false that cops kill people unjustly at times?

Is it true or false that the election was stolen from Trump and that Democrats drink baby blood?

Is it true or false both are used to radicalize? Is it true or false lies are told about both for that motive?

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Yeah…“special”. All that’s being done, is the sole goal of labeling the 6th as an insurrection while totally ignoring the truth behind it all. If that was exposed, all would see how much Pelosi and company were actually involved.

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Yep. She reminds me of her father. You know, the one behind us going into Iraq, so that the company he excused himself from as CEO, could make billions. She’s just as corrupt.


…more like libs and rinos.

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Going for the trifecta yourself.

The protests surrounding police violence are not equivalent to the Jan 6 riot at the capital.

And it’s a deflection and a false equivalency to suggest they are. The riots are the straw man.

Radicalization is radicalization. Both are predicated on lies, half-truths and agendas.

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