The house select committee on Jan 6 Pt 2

Here you go.

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don’t worry about buying gas or food, or crime, or fentanyl, worry about this joke sham hearing of political theater!

I find it impossible to care about people like Adam Schiff claiming they are pursuing the truth in defense of our Democracy.

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Tried to warn them their show trial was just going to be preaching to the choir.


Tying it up with a bow.

Hey why was Eastman asking for a pardon?

Why do they call it a Congressional Hearing?

No one in congress is hearing anything.

It’s just some Congressmen telling us the same things they told us last month
and the month before
and the month before
and the month before . . .

They should call it a “Congressional Telling.”


This whole show trial is looking worse for Congress than it does for its intended victims. Did Cheney really think she would be admired for this? Even Democrats wouldn’t trust her.
Nobody in this country likes a one sided trial with only the prosecution allowed to speak.
Well, I said nobody…maybe I went too far.


Except for the people that came in to testify and the clips from testimony of trump admin stuff.


Anyone want to take a swing at it?

He knew Democrats were in control and out to punish the losers?

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What would he need a pardon for?

Garland gone wild.


OK keep going but now get specific. What would he need a pardon for to deal with a “wild Garland”?

Art 2 Sec 1
“Regarding matters being handled in Criminal Court
Congress shall tell the people what to think about them.”

Screenshot 2022-06-17 3.46.02 PM


If Garland hasn’t even cooked up some charge yet, there’s no reason for me to try.


What possible charge would he cook up?

Enough of this Socratic game. If you have a comment to make or charge to claim, feel free to do so.

Pretty simple question. But ok.