The House approves of illegals voting


Who votes in state and local elections are up to the states, the supreme court will not get involved.


Is there a plan to have a special “illegal ballot” that does not have the choice of president or congress on it? I have not heard of one. Have you? Or maybe we use the honor system and simply ask them not to record a vote for president?


Sigh… Please educate yourself on how voting in conducted… Yes, there are separate ballots for federal elections…


And the supreme court. For two and a half years these idiots complained about foreign nationals tampering with our election. Now they want to make it legal.

Amazing! That’s an actual valid point!


Can you imagine how strong our infrastructure would be if billions weren’t wasted in illegal immigration.


Who would do the work?


Not really, the motion Crenshaw offered did nothing to federal law, it was a “sense of congress” resolution… No legal effect whatsoever…


Sigh. Please think before you reply. I vote. And I have never been handed two ballots. The president is at the top and the local guys are at the bottom. So calm down, quit sighing and take a deep breath.


You have never been handed two ballots because your board of elections is smart enough to know which ballot to give you… How do you think they separate ballot questions for voters in different cities/counties/school districts… Your lack of knowledge is showing…


They are still not allowed to vote in elections like congress and President. This is one of only three things that separate a legal permanent resident from a citizen.


Not illegals, remember there is a big line of people waiting to get in to America.


There is no reason to be so rude. You are using rudeness to cover for your lack of knowledge. A person who is as uninformed as you are should be a little more humble . I am not asking you how my elections work. I’m telling you. We are given ballots according to our precinct. We don’t have a choice ballots. School board and President are on the same ballot. Sorry dude. That’s just the way it is. The democratic plan would mean we would have to have a special illegal ballot.

Your lack of manners are showing. Work on it.


Unfortunately for you, that not how it actually works in those areas that do allow non-citizens to vote. There is no “democratic plan”… Who can vote in federal elections is already defined by federal law and HR 1 makes no changes to who can vote in federal elections. The Crenshaw motion to which you are referring was nothing more than a toothless motion to enrage conservatives when it was shot down. It worked…


So during presidential election year, an illegal will be given a ballot without the president’s name on it? Is that the plan?


The plan is if the left don’t like the way the public votes, change the public.


Do you see candidates and questions for other counties and cities in your state on your ballot? Why not?


So we’re just going to skip my question and jump right to yours? There will need to be a special ballot for illegals that does not carry the President’s name correct?


LMAO… It’s the same process… they create ballots for each precinct and type of vote… It’s really not that hard…


LMAO so you’re admitting that a special ballot for illegals without the presidential section on it will need to be created.

The problem is the fact that the democrats are not suggesting this. So there’s that.


Not any more special than your regular ballot that does not include other counties and cities candidates and questions… How many school district elections typically appear on your ballot? Every district in the state?