The House approves of illegals voting


Justification as in a law? Probably not.

The problem I have with it is the “House defend” and that it never ends. Local today…

And then there’s the whole “why do you have an equal voice when you broke the law to even be here” thing.


Don’t need to, I’ve actually read and understood it. Those parenthesis aren’t in there either.

You seem to be struggling.


Not quite an illegal as they are authorized to work in the United States.

They are in the gray area until congress finalizes their status and the president signs off.

They have their own classification.

Allan (just stating the facts)


They are illegal. The action was deferred.


They can work legally in the United states.

They are their own classification.



They are illegal, the action is deferred. Nothing you are saying changes that one whit.


Nope DACA is a different designation than an illegal

They are permitted to work in the United States

Unlike your non-DACA people.

they are different. you choose not to admit it. Your choice to ignore the facts of the case.



So the bill doesn’t give rights to illegals. Good catch.


No, it’s not. But having this lying, traitorous dirtbag Trump as President certainly is (disrespectful to all those who died defending our country).


nope, not at all, good times, I did that so people might understand and not need a link to know what a citizen in that text meant


No, they are illegal.


So you’re educating us on the Constitution?


No they are DACA recipients.

Allan (I love circular arguments)


What does DACA stand for?


I will answer your question with a question (as we all know what DACA stands for-Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

Can illegals legally work in the United States?



Thank you. They are illegal.


Knowbody. So a hard working American can have his vote wiped out by a foreign national? Gawd help us. Hopefully the supreme court will send this bill to hell where it belongs.


and can work in the United states legally. (you know unlike illegals)



this bill is going NOWHERE. as Mitch will see to that.

Not a chance in a 1,000,000,000,000 that it becomes law.



And the supreme court. For two and a half years these idiots complained about foreign nationals tampering with our election. Now they want to make it legal.

It just proves that when republicans said that democratic love for illegals was all about the votes. Now they aren’t even bothering to hide it.