The House approves of illegals voting


We’ll who didn’t see this coming?


“We are prepared to open up the political process and let all of the people come in,” Rep. John Lewis, a Georgia Democrat

They’re here, they have to have representation!

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: How long have some us known what this is truly about.


I’m totes ok with local and state governments providing representation to all of their residents.


Me, too.

If people who live there don’t like it they should move.


It is disrespectful to all those that died defending our country.



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By giving representation to people who pay local and state taxes? Seems like a good way to respect those who died for that essential principle.


Is that what rights the wrong in your eyes of crossing our border illegally? Then tell me, if it’s because they are donating their money to taxes that justifies this in your eyes, what if they are receiving more back in real money and benefits than what they are financially contributing?


Thank God we have the majority in the senate or we would be screwed.


Are all non-citizens illegal aliens?


Are they here illegally?


There are many non-citizens here in US legally… Visa holders, etc.


Then get legal or get out and you are an illegal alien until that happens.


Democrats have been losing their base n a lot of other people, so their only recourse is to find more people that can vote or will still vote for them, lmao, I member telling Greta years ago that the Dems will end up shooting themselves in the foot, God is Great!


It’s perfectly legal to be here on a visa or green card. You seem confused about non-resident status.


As it pertains to local and state governments, how they crossed the border is irrelevant. Immigration is not their jurisdiction. Representing their residents is. How much they are “receiving back” is also irrelevant, as that’s not a criteria for having representation either.


Speaking as someone that served defending our country…

No it’s not.

If a local jurisdiction wants to allow non-citizen to vote in local elections - that is their decision. The only requirement if they choose to do so would be separate ballots for local elections where non-citizen are allowed to vote. If you are a citizen you get a single ballot with all options (federal, state, and local). If you are a non-citizen you get a ballot with only the local items (it omits federal and state offices).




Here is the text of the bill. Could someone please ID the relevant section(s) for review. Sorry if I don’t simply accept a fear-mongering headline on face value.


Fail…try again. Get legal or get out. It’s very simple.


The proposed amendment didn’t say non-citizens. It said ILLEGALL aliens.