The House approves of illegals voting


Is a green card holder here illegally?


You don’t even know what an illegal alien is?


It’s your ilk that leaves me with no other response than…build the wall.


Yep…as long as it’s current.


Yes, you did fail quite spectacularly . They are legal. It’s beyond simple


I mean no disrespect and I hope you know that but I totally disagree. Soldiers served on a federal basis and I’m speaking from a federal POV, addressing a local issue that federally, I find offensive.


I see you’re definitely not a small government conservative


You know they pay taxes?


Have you actually read the motion? It points out that is already against federal law for non-citizens to vote in federal elections. The motion was a stalling tactic and would have no force of law.


I want our laws enforced or changed.


It won’t matter.


Its for local elections but its a step in the wrong direction! First it’s a vote for your local dog catcher & before you know it it’s a vote for Governor, Senator, Congressman and President! NOT GOOD!!


The areas that allow non-citizens to vote in local elections was approved by the voters of those areas. There is NOTHING illegal about what they allow.


Statement of policy:

(b) Statement Of Policy.—It is the policy of the United States that—

(1) all eligible citizens of the United States should access and exercise their constitutional right to vote in a free, fair, and timely manner

One of the first lines of text in the bill. Are illegals citizens?


Why stop at local elections then?


They are talking about the Dan Crenshaw motion to recommit that failed…


I notice that it only specifies who cannot be denied the right to vote. It say nothing about not being able to grant additional rights.


This is an incredibly stupid piece of legislation. I am a Democrat and I’m completely against this.


Because a wall will be quite effective at preventing local and state governments from allowing non-citizens from voting in their elections. :man_facepalming:


1979, my SSgt told some of us that one day people in America illegally would be in our streets burning our flag and demanding rights, I voted for Ronald Raygun because he told us the Democrats are going to bring this country to its knees if we didn’t, Barry O almost fulfilled it, Clinton would have, Thank God for Mr Trump(I do everyday) Trump Train Woot Woot!