The House approves of illegals voting


Ok so it’s settled then.

Ok so it’s settled then. A ballot just for illegals will be needed. I’ll bet you twenty bucks that this is not being considered at all by the dems.


It is settled that you are unaware of how actual elections are conducted… Not all non-citizens are illegal, just another example of lack of knowledge…


Dude. How about we just stay with the topic and not insult each other? If you can’t agree to that, I’m just going to move on to someone else. This constant fault finding and hyper judgementalism just bores the hell out of me.


Just acknowledge that board of elections regularly create ballots specific to their precinct and we are good. There will be no non-citizens receiving ballots for federal candidates.


yup, I imagine that we would have enough funds to pay for the 20 million Americans that NEED healthcare that the Democrats always seem to be complaining about and Barry O forced a unconstitutional one down our throats without it even being fully written, let alone read by anyone and they still have the nerve to complain about Mr. Trump, what a joke they are, I can imagine many things,lol
Stopping education, welfare, medical, etfc etc to people that shouldn’t even be here will pay for most the things the Democrats say they need funds for


So there will be a special precinct for illegals? Is that the deal?


I wouldn’t worry about it, its not making it to the senate floor, DOA as its said, lmao TRUMP TRAIN WOOT WOOT


Go down to your local board of elections and have them explain how ballots are created…




You have been rude and condescending for long enough. I gave you an opportunity to converse like an actual human being. Which you declined. You have proved yourself to be undisciplined and therefore not deserving of a conversation with me. Maybe we’ll try again when you are feeling better.


States’ Rights are a building block of our democracy, and there’s a proper time and place for them. And your Republican Congressperson will be happy to inform you of the proper time and place.


What of I don’t trust my republican congressman? Or my democratic one?


Then you should probably just ignore political stunts like this one.


It’s not my topic. I’m just having fun with it. Nothing wrong with a little fun is there?


Didn’t mean ignore as in not comment on them. Ignore as in realize they’re not meant to be serious attempts at governance.


Ok thanks for the clarification.


Yeah really. It’s the principle.


Well that’s just silly.


Americas not a Democracy, its been a Constitutional Republic from its birth and will remain as such until it dies.