The Great Hoax Is Causing Dain Bramage 🤣

Stop it, you’re a smart guy but you can be wrong.

That is the only possible solution…3…4…5 billion less humans. If we really want to fix it.

Those are platitudes. Be specific.

Man are there really three conservatives here who now believe in climate change?

Most of that can be solved with cheap solar desalination. We have all the water we could ever want, it just has salt in it.

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I am certain nature has a response for human impact.

Nothing humans do will change that sans no humans.

Who do we eliminate?

You are clearly confusing climate change with anthropogenic climate change.

Absolutely can. I’m not.

Is that a religion?

I knew you would say that (or at least think it).

I got to believe the extent of your knowledge regarding bull crap is that it’s squishy when you step in it.

You can believe whatever you want.

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As can you.

I’m not trying to convince you your hoax is real.

Excellent example. Becoming obvious the vaccine will spare the worst symptoms not the transmission.

all on here believe in Climate change. I challenge you to show one quote from someone on here that says there is no climate change. There is plenty of proof, ice age for one. What we don’t believe is man is a significant driver or could do anything about if we were.


Every part of an exponential curve is the steep part. It’s all relative.

Luckily science isn’t determined by your bull dung.


Looks like one part is steeper to me.

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where are all the drowned polar bears?


Here’s a promising development, because it’s a real solution that doesn’t rely entirely on renewables. I’ll believe progressives are serious about climate change once they stop insisting on ONLY wind and solar and start calling for sanctions against China. Until then, it reeks as yet another government control scheme.

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