The Great Hoax Is Causing Dain Bramage 🤣

Yes! The world reacted and ozone concentrations have been increasing since the banning of CFCs. Great example of the world coming together to solve a problem.


Yes but that was a trivial problem compared to climate.

Yes and the depressing intractability of it is leading a lot of folks to experience- grief, sadness, anger, etc- especially our kids and grandkids who see the future.

Technology will solve it before it gets too bad. Some great batteries coming, small modular reactors, solar, etc are now viable. And with cheap power, we can pull carbon out of the air as well.

You have more hope than I. But I hope you are right.

Information-related fields advance exponentially, we are hitting the steep part of that curve, I am more worried about super AI than climate change.

And if we do manage to stand up a strong AI without it killing us all, climate should be relatively simple for something that will be thousands of times smarter than humans, if it cares enough to help us out.

It’s not anthropogenic.

:rofl: Who have been indoctrinated to see something.

You progs sure have a problem with correlation v causation.

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Okay, not a hoax. What are you going to do about it? Remove humans from the environment?

Wow…I’ll take it!!

Already said- I am not optimistic. I still support global efforts to keep climate change from warming above 2 degrees- but I understand that human nature is to use up every available resource until it is gone. Most of our efforts should go into adaptation.

You don’t know that.

For conversation purposes. Now converse.

Yes, I do. I grew up on a ranch. I know bull dung when I see it right off.

Human hubris.

Nature rules us.

The virus is another example.

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Like what?

You don’t believe that humans can change our enviornment? Seriously?

Preparing for increased forest fires, desertification, flooding, reduced water tables and arable land, changing farming conditions, etc etc.