The Great Hoax Is Causing Dain Bramage 🤣

Why should it stay the same? The earth is not controlled by man; the earth controls man and the environment. It knows what it needs, when it needs it and will adjust accordingly.


Our beautiful planet has been changing for eons. That some people feel it must never change is the height of arrogance. Just like some tend to forget their exalted activists said we would be dead in an ice age by now. They very definately forget the Gore predictions, as they should. He’s a ■■■■■■■ idiot.


Every dollar we have came from Mother Earth.

We did something about the ozone layer.

The comparison is absurd. The cause of ozone depletion over the poles was due to a simple chemical reaction which was relatively easy to remedy once it was determined. Global climate change is highly complex and involves numerous variables some of which are known and some of which are purely hypothetical.

By the way, the ozone depletion issue has not been completely resolved …

Melting ice caps expand the oceans and that would slow the spin just like a spinning figure skater extending their arms.

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You didn’t call either a hoax. That’s progress.

Call what a hoax? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Either of the things you called an absurd comparison.

Were you talking about something else?

I have never called either of those a hoax. They are purely scientific observations based on data. Data just is; it makes no conclusions on its own. But the absurdity in the comparison is clear. The ozone depletion was a simple problem with a scientifically determined cause and with a well defined solution to mitigate it. Climate change, on the other hand, is infinitely more complex. It not only has no clear cause or solution, it cannot even be demonstrated that it truly is a problem.

Or cause a sharknado


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The cause is pretty clear. It is a problem.

The solutions would have been easier 20 years ago. Now we are in mitigation.

The cause is not at all clear. At best we have some decent theories, none of which can fully explain the data. (Which is why all attempts to model the warming have required constant tweeting to keep them in line with actuality.) And the labeling of it as a problem is based solely on the premise that the global temperature should always be what it was when we were kids (or at some other silly arbitrary point in the history of modern man) without any consideration what the planet was like when it was colder or warmer than it is today. And as far as solutions (assuming warming is a problem) there is NO clear consensus on how to slow it, let alone stop or reverse it. You apparently have been well brainwashed by the Al Gores and Michael Moores and the other climate entrepreneurs of our society.

I envision a leotard garbed earth performing a lutz jump into the waiting arms of a man bunned Mars, recieving an average score og 9.7…and for some reason, that makes more sense.

Horse ■■■■■

And the poor dogs too…