The Great Hoax Is Causing Dain Bramage 🤣

No, it’s not.

Argue it with Samm.

Okay … what are you doing about it?


He’s on my side. Why are you trying to foment trouble?

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Well I haven’t been called a trouble fomenter since I was a teen. I like the moniker.

I’ll wait with you.

What am I doing about what?

Oddly, science can’t identify the natural mechanism for this alleged cycle you are positing.

Prioritize immediate threats. My view is the paramount threat is AI.

It shows.

Are you in this conversation or not? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Sometimes talking to you is like talking with my old friend who has Alzheimers. :smirk:

Nah- you are just asking an extremely general question- no need to get pissy and snarky with this old trouble fomenter.

Do you mean-

Scientific observation and prediction

Define your terms of “doing something.”

Follow the arrows back through the conversation. All will be revealed.

Recycling??? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: