The Government Shutdown Hurts


If you weren’t so over the top, I might actually take you seriously.

That said…you let me know when places like Liberty University stop accepting the federal funds that some of thier students qualify for.


Liberty is a fine institution.


That accepts federal funding.

Hypocrisy duly noted.

Carry on.


What part of “should not pay for those liberal indoctrination centers” did you get confused by? I have no problem with federal funding going to legit colleges like Liberty.


Hurts? I’m not feeling a damn thing.


How very predictable.


busy with other bord duties


Hopefully not fly it on a plane in cash to Iran


Ya if you are a 401k worker it’s pretty hard to come to tears for a government worker who’s money comes from your paycheck as well as retirement that includes a pension that makes your retirement look like pesos on the dollar.


Tomorrow, I have two tenants who will not be paid but will still be working.

Some will celebrate that.

I think that the situation that the President has put people who work to serve this country in a position where they cannot pay their bills is a showing how much he doesn’t care about them.


How about all the contractors who are out of work and won’t be getting back pay?


And all of the late fees that comes with late bills from credit card to student loans to utilities. Who’s going to pay that?


I know you would think congress would authorize the 5 billion so these poor souls could get back to work.


The House approved legislation to reopen the Treasury and other parts of government. McConnell won’t let it come to a vote in the Senate. Republicans own this cluster ■■■■■


I’m wondering if you would say the same if it was Obama demanding 5 billion for gun control policies (to save lives!!). I’m sure you would support the GOP negotiating with Obama and at least compromising. Ha ha ha ha!


These employees can’t take money out of their retirement without paying substantial fees. They can take a loan against their retirement, but that also has fees associated with it.
They can’t collect unemployment unless they are actively searching for a job and are ready, willing and able to work. That is hard to do when you already have a full time job but aren’t being paid. Oh, you also have to be out of work for 8 days before you can file. So you miss at least a week.
In fact, I don’t think these people are legally allowed to collect unemployment. In order to collect unemployment in most states, you have to be “out of work through not fault of your own”. Technically, these people are still employed, but they aren’t getting paid. Hmmmm


Oh, that’s a good one!


Yeah, govt workers should work for free!


It is starting to get real.


Good. People need to see that Trump is holding their livelihood hostage over his stupid wall.