The Government Shutdown Hurts

Hello Sean and Friends,

I registered for the forum today to make an argument for everyone to see. We need to fund the government. Sean Hannity’s audience is composed of people like me who rely on regular paychecks to get by. Only by relying on the good will of people around me will my family get through this man-made crisis, but it pains me to be a burden on those people like this. What Donald Trump is putting me through is dehumanizing and the longer it goes on the more it’s going to weigh on me and people like me who are affected by this stupid stunt.

Sean, you have the ear of the president. Please petition him to make this stop. I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be able to live with this. I’m doing my best, but Uber isn’t cutting it. I don’t know whether I should quit my job or try to find something else. I’m afraid I’m going lose my house.

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Sorry. Sean is all in on trump standing his ground and keeping the shutdown going.


I don’t understand why this is happening. Donald Trump is punishing the people who are protecting the United States from terrorists and drugs. How much longer does he expect us to support him?

He expects you to always support him. And you will.

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I’m afraid of being evicted. If that happens I will never vote for Donald Trump again.

The sooner you realize you’ve been taken bigly by a con man, and resolve not to let him continue fleecing you, the sooner the healing can begin.

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I’m a federal employee as well. They’ve started talking about making my team exempt and requiring us to come in to work without pay. Fortunately, I’m on medical leave right now as I just had surgery Monday. I’ve been using the time to put in resumes. Now that I have my CPA and CFE, I’m getting a lot more hits, and have 2 companies where it looks like they are about to make offers with substantial increases in income. I’ll take either one if they make the offer. I’m about done with dealing with these children in D.C.


I hope your surgery went well. It seems like that worked out for you timing wise. Life is silly that way. Things fit together in the strangest ways.

I used to think a government job meant stability. The paycheck wasn’t the best, and the working hours were terrible, but my family was taken care of. To me that’s all that matters.

I have to drive Uber to pay the rent. This is not stability. I have to find a different job. This is stupid.

Donnie has lived his life never caring about who he hurts in service of his ego. Why would he start now? And why are you surprised?


You shouldn’t have voted for him in the first place.

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You support him, but do you want the wall? That’s what should flip you if the answer is no.

Weird that trump’s “hostages” are being allowed to freely protest against him on the internet.

the economy is booming (thanks to trump). go do sonething else.

stop blaming your problems on someone else

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Sorry to hear about your situation. Hang in there.

You can blame that one on the authors of the Constitution. They included this damn thing in there about the freedom to express yourself.

For “hostages”??

Hostage gimps…TO THE BASEMENT!

This isn’t the first shut down, won’t be the last. Where you a government employee when Obama shut down the government for 16 days over obama care?

Right now, NOTHING has landed on Donald Trumps desk to sign or veto. Just a plain fact, let me say that again. NOTHING has landed on Trumps desk to sign or veto.

Now, you have internet, so you should be looking up numbers to congressional critters like Nancy Peloso and calling her and saying “just put the damn money in and send it to the president.”

Think about it. The country runs on an approximate 3.2 trillion dollar budget. 10 percent of that would be 320 million. 1% would be 32 billion. 1/10 of 1 percent would be 3.2 billion dollars. So the fighting is over an insignificant amount of money to PROTECT our country!

I urger you to find the numbers for Nancy Pelosy, Ol’ Chucky Shumer and call them tell them to protect our county and provide funding for a border wall.

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It is happening because rural, conservative America decided to get behind a billionaire sociopath for President based on the flawed belief, despite a lifetime of evidence to the contrary, that he was out to fight for them.

He expects continued support because he has spent the last few years telling lie after lie to you and it hasn’t really cost him much of anything in the polls.


When your problems are literally the creation of “someone else”?

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