The Government Shutdown Hurts

Hopefully not much longer. Time for you to wake up and realize Trump doesn’t give 2 ■■■■■ about people like you.

Again- if it was Obama and he was demanding 6 billion for Climate Change adaptation programs or he would keep the government shut down- would you demand that the GOP negotiate and pony up money? Just checking your consistency…


It’s not about the amount of money. It’s never been about that. It’s about the policy, specifically a giant wall. Democrats wouldn’t vote for it if it cost $1, and there’s next to nothing that Trump, you, or anybody else can do about it. (I say that in a very matter of fact way, not any other way.) Calling Chuck and Nancy will not avail.

McConnell won’t let anything land on Trump’s desk that Trump objects to. We both know this, so don’t play games.



trumps not the only player here

in an “industry” which depends on political handshaking

So It’s McConnells shut down then right?

Nope Trump’s. As soon as Trumps says he’ll sign it, his bitch McConnell will let it go through.

Does Mitch McConnell want to hurt Americans with this stupid stunt? Why does he hate people like me?

I would have to see the actual program the money was going for.

Example if it was for research into extended battery life, or other such programs yes.

if it was 6 billion to just be given to companies that couldn’t provide their services without the huge subsody then NO.

Every case is different. So without having specifics (as in this 6 billion we are talking about SPECIFICALLY would fund a barrier at the southern border) it’s comparing an apple to a empty space.

So if Pelosi and Shumers phones rang off the hook with millions of people saying “fund the damn wall”, they wouldn’t change their minds?

I just want a paycheck for doing my job. I don’t care about a stupid wall.

why do you hate the president for finally taking a stand to effectively protect the country’s borders?

oh, you live in dc. right

I live on the border. You know, where the crisis is.

people who had their children murdered by illegals just want to protect others. they dont care about your stupid paycheck

Did Obama Hate people like you with his 16 day shutdown?
How about Bill Clinton with his shut downs in 1995 and again in 1996?

Having interned in Congress, and answered many of those calls myself, I can most definitely tell you - absolutely not.

As far as who’s shutdown this, both parties are to blame. Either could open the government right down. They’re both standing on an issue.

The question really becomes, where do the American people stand on the issue? Things aren’t likely to go well for the party with the minority behind them.

Did you vote for trump? If you did, blame yourself. If you didn’t then I’m sorry, we have a dangerous idiot as president, and you and others like you will pay dearly for his incompetence.

Then support the thoughts of the Yuma County AZ Sheriff.

90% drop in crime when a wall was built in his county WITH enforcement of those going over/under/through the wall.

Wall still there, enforcement dropped crime when back up.

Wall still there, enforcement started again, crime is dropping again.

That’s an interview WITH the sheriff so you can hear parts of it in his own words.

And a Fox news write up that goes into a little more detail.

What you’ve already read is about all the sympathy you’re going to get from Trump supporters.

As for myself, I’m sorry for you and I hope it resolves quickly and in your favor. But I have to ask - you clearly believed in Donald enough to vote for him in 2016. Why? His promises were outlandish, exaggerated, and clearly unrealistic:

There will be no wall funded by Mexico.
Hillary will not be prosecuted.
We will never see Trumpcare replace Obamacare, and at a fraction of the cost.

Donald promised you that he was the only one who could give you everything you wanted. Given his past of lying and bankruptcies and lawsuits and cheating and stealing, how did you find yourself able to trust this elitist who has made it clear his entire life he never loved anything or anyone so much as himself?