The Government Shutdown Hurts


Except that, you know, the Senate passed a bill with no wall funding just a couple weeks ago - basically the same bill the House is sending over now.


What would you think if the democrats stopped putting the needs of foreign nationals ahead of those of the U.S? If they did that, funded the wall and the government was re-opened, would that be acceptable to you? There are two sides to this story.


I just want to be paid for doing my job. I don’t care about the debate about a border wall. I need to pay my mortgage. Fund the government first, have policy debates later. Using my life as a bargaining chip is not ok. The Republicans are doing that. The Democrats are not. Guess who I’m going vote for next election.


So basically, the wall didn’t work, but enforcement did (since the crime varied with enforcement while the wall remained constant).


Because by virtue of working for the government and not kowtowing to Trumps every whim, you are “Deep State.”


Trump’s bitch McConnell won’t let it get to Trump’s desk. Trump needs to be protected.


You say that. But to be honest, you sound like you are taking a political stance rather than financial one. Either party could end the shutdown in a minute if they wanted to.

There are 7 million open jobs in the U.S, what are your qualifications? Have you considered a career change? You could probably be working in two or three weeks.


I’m loving the compassion from Trump supporters…


And Nancy and Chuck would rather grand stand and hurt people than come to the table and compromise. We both know this so don’t play games. This is about not letting Trump have a win even if it means there are people who are hurt by it. If Chuck and Nancy really cared they would give Trump money for his wall and reopen the government. I think they could even get a deal on Daca added to the bill. You seem to think this is only one sided but it’s both sides.
This is about 2020 and getting back in total power. So, everyone should be calling their congressional members and tellingl them to grow up and work something out or we will vote you out.


I’m very sorry you have found yourself caught up in Donald’s temper tantrum.

If you want to make your opinion known, the best way for you to do that would be to call your Congressperson and both your Senators. Their local and state offices phone numbers and their DC office phone #’s should be available on their websites.

And a bit of advice for the future - think long and hard before the next election on who will best represent you in Washington.


Wonder why Pelosi and Shumer disagree with Obama:

Real reform means
stronger boarder security-
reducing illegal crossings
passing background check
learning English
going to the back of the line behind those trying to come here legally.

ALL straight from Obama’s mouth


Hmmm…no wall on your list. I wonder why?


You’re catching on! lol Maybe you missed the one last night claiming “several” of his co-workers were paying " enormous" medical bills for their parents. Amazing. Appeasr to be the same person. I know two federal workers who enjoy these shutdowns they’re like additional paid time off. One has been through this before and has always prepared knowing the potential. They talk about the potential for government shutdowns and being prepared. The other one I know is taking a tsp?? hardship money from their retirement account based on guaranteed retro pay. Several states are offering unemployment benefits and as in the past many of those federal workers did not have to pay back those benefits and actually came out ahead financially. Some states are still waiting for unemployment benefits to be repaid from federal workers during the 2013 shutdown. So I don’t think they’re really serious about collecting those over payments if they’ve let them slide for 5 years.


Two sides to this, congress could give him 5 billion for the wall, it’s nothing to what our government spends, we give more to Afghanistan in a year to shoot at our troops than what the president is asking for in border security.


You miss the stronger border security and reducing illegal crossing?


We don’t need Trump’s idiotic wall. It’s nothing but a monument to himself. If you support Trump and are hurt by this shutdown. I have no sympathy for Trump supporters hurt by the shutdown. Panhandling is always an option.


They’re amazing, aren’t they?


It’s invisisble.


As the AP news reported. “It takes two to Tango.” Both sides have absolute power to end this. In a minute. But illegal aliens are more important to the dems than poor desperate government workers.


Dear House Leader Nancy Pelosi saying the house democratic caucus (way back then) wants these things:

Nancy Pelosi

Immigration reform: democratic caucus has passed include:

securing out borders
enforcing OUR laws
Protecting our workers