The Government Shutdown Hurts


still no wall


Securing the border and enforcing OUR laws

Why don’t they want to secure the border NOW and enforce OUR laws now?


Throwing 5 billion taxpayer dollars at Donald with no plan or accountability achieves neither.


Because a Wall does neither of those things.


How to you secure the border with 400,000 people busting it every year? I think we need something a little more solid than another lame promise or a few toy airplanes with cameras.


The fact that you equate stronger border security with a wall is the problem in and of itself.

The vast majority of people here illegally are here on overstayed visas. Putting up a wall isn’t going to do a thing about that. You and I both know it.

Illegal border crossings have been on the decline for a long time now, due to better enforcement at the border itself. NO change in the physical barrier…just more and better people with better technology doing a better job.

Wanna do something about the illegals that are truly draining on the system…start with visa abusers and get back to me. A wall, by the way, isn’t gonna help you do anything about them…they are already here.


Prosecute employers who exploit cheap labor.


You missed where he didn’t say Build The Wall?


Who said anything about being hurt by the shut down. I hate to tell you but I don’t work for the government. I am self employed. But everyone should always be prepared to make it at least a month because you never know what the future hold.
I can see this fight for you is all about your hate for one man. That you would rather be like Nancy and Chuck and punish people than work together for the good of everyone. Party over country right.


We would have to increase farm subsidies in order to allow them to pay more for non illegals to do the job.

I would call it a good trade, but you can rest assured that they wouldn’t actually want to pay better, so its a non starter.


Please stop with this arrogance. The man is not getting paid for his services and now scrambling to put food on the table.

It’s morally unacceptable to shut down the government and have middle and lower class families suffer and potentially lose their homes/cars.

These people are not self-centered at all. Take a wild guess who is.

Both sides agree with upgrading our points of entry system and adding more fencing. They just don’t agree with building a 5.7 billion dollar fence, which may end up never getting built due to constant legal challenging or costing more money. The President and the GOP are making a grave mistake by shutting down the government and hurting the middle and lower class, and not focusing on things do agree with.

I am fine with building a wall for that 1000 miles proposal, but not at the expense of the middle and lower class. We know for a fact that illegal border crossing continue to go down, and we’re at a 30 year record low. Our REAL problems have to do with overstaying visas AND drug cartels finding ways to launder their materials and bypass the security systems.


100% correct. The sad part is that both sides agree about 75%. The only issue is that the President/GOP are asking for about 2.5 more than the Dems want, and the GOP’s price tag keeps on getting bigger.


No. Wall.



What exactly has Trump done to make the economy “booming”? I mean, 2018 was basically tied with 2015 in terms of GDP growth. In 2017, fewer jobs were added than in any year of Obama’s second term. In 2018, fewer jobs were added than in 2014 or 2015. Annualized stock market return under Trump is a fraction of what it was under Obama. Thanks, Trump.


And I love the judgementalism of Hillary fans. All that nonsense aside. Nobody here want’s this guy to suffer. Not even you. Everyone should have compassion. But compassion doesn’t pay the bills. Most government workers have skills. As a pre-caution it might be wise to have your resume out there. There are 7 million job openings out there. It’s always a good idea to have a plan b. Right?


Bottom line: Trump’s government is asking him to work overtime and not get paid. I would be mad too, and not want to vote for him again.

When you hurt people’s ability to put food on the table, you create political stances.

The fact that Trumpsters continue to blame the poor and middle class for the failures of their own politicians is rather shameful.


There’s no evidence that Trump is making the economy boom. He’s like Clinton in 1993. Clinton took credit for being on an expansion cycle.


Hard for some to give up those government bennies. I’ve worked in private sector and state employment. My health care premium was crazy low, under 100.00 a month including dental and vision, low deductible, Out of pocket, co-insurance. The PERSI retirement is sweet. The deffered compensation program sweet as well. Lower wages however.


I’m taking my shameful ass to bed. Goodnight. Lata, gata.


Yes some of us work. lol night