The Government Shutdown Hurts


Obviously because of Trump. They would have been jumping over fire to give it to Obama way back in the Bronze Age of 2013 when both parties were against illegal immigration because it hurt blue collar wages.

They did a 180 on illegal immigration and now want everyone to accept, not going to happen on this issue.


More over…there have to be people doing all of the jobs out there that are being discussed.

Reality says that toilets need to be cleaned and floors need to be mopped. The idea that doing either shouldn’t at least provide for basic existence is just bogus as ■■■■■

Unless its someones plan to tell all those lazy ■■■■■ who are in the military and still on food stamps* to buck up and do better, it just comes off as foolish as all get out.

    • this is meant to be read sarcastically. I actually find it an atrocity that someone could serve our nation and still need to be on government assistance to make ends meet.


Here’s a compromise then:

Pelosi and the Dems at a simple, single line:

5 Billion dollars is appropriated for border security. Type and location to be determined by Homeland security.

(Type doesn’t mean type of wall okay, BUT can include wall or be entire used for walls if Homeland security determins that’s what needed.)


Does the first. Helps secure the border.

Does the Second. Helps enforce the law against people illegally walking across the border.


I’ve advocated security like the perimeter of Area 51.

No walls out there, but no one gets through. Might take more than 5 billion however.


Wall is just one facet that I advocate.

Yes and as they are found they should be deported immediatly.

Yes there should be more than a wall. There should be other means of detection as well.

I also advocate an ICE team dedicated soley to those working with forged documents or stolen Identities. IRS could be brought into it. Same SS number working construction in California and fast food in Oregon and in an office in Iowa. Ice visits all three places to talk to the people working in those three places. Imagine how quickly that would solve a problem :smiley:

Someone like me wouldn’t have a problem. I work Full time where I live. Company I do occassional independent contractor work for is in Missourie. They show up in Missouri, their documentation shows I’m an independent contract, all information and paychecks are sent to my address here. Guess what I come back clean on that check – so does my SS number being used at two address in two states.


Thats not true at all. People are picked up and prosecuted for entering Area 51 all the time.

The difference is that going into Area 51 kinda limits the places one who illegally enters can go at that point.

That all said…I would be more on board with paying for those kind of precautions over a wall that wont make a difference any day.


I agree 1000%. Guess you weren’t around on the other board when I had a come apart that sinclair oil/grand america got a slap on the wrist the SECOND time they were found to be knowing hiring illegals. Second time, the they found a bunch of supervisors set up a way for all those illegals fired the first time, to get forged/stolen ID’s to start working again. Not a single supervisor was charged or ended up in jail and the corporation got a small fine.


Let’s try Vietnam. Been there done that and I don’ believe it makes me special for having been there.
Party over country is what’s fueling the divide in the country today. There is not compromise. There is no talking to the other side and coming to an agreement where everyone gets something. Your so filled with hate for one man that you can’t even see that this is not one sided.


actually it’s a law passed that pre-dates Trump that requires people to work and not get paid.

Dem’s didn’t fund something the Senate and President wanted. 1/3 of the government not providing what 2/3 want and it’s the 2/3’s fault. :smiley: :smiley:


If walls don’t work why do countries keep erecting them to keep people out?

77 built since WW2, most built after 9/11.


It does make you special thank you for your service. And your right about no compromise.


Didn’t Trump and his compatriots control all 3 parts in question at one time?

Why didn’t they fund the wall when they had the chance?

Don’t want to sound all conspiracy-ish, but it kinda lends credence to the idea that the IDEA of the wall is more valuable to them than the actual wall would be, doesn’t it?


Your insurance premiums are being subsidized. Good for you.


Everyone knows that the smart move is to wait until you lose the house THEN try to get funding for something controversial and unwanted by most Americans.


It really just makes them look stupid to anyone paying attention.

I mean really…when they had the power to do so, none of these people pulled the trigger on getting it done, the President included. Now, all of a sudden when they don’t have that power anymore, ALL of them claim to be fighting for the wall with all they have.

As I said…to anyone actually paying attention, they look foolish. Fortunately for them, though, the people they are courting either aren’t paying attention or flat out don’t care.


Sorry, but you don’t know as much as you think you do. The federal government does not run any jobs that I work. They are all awarded by the state and the state does’nt bring a project up for bid on a hwy unless the money is already in the coffers. The federal government has already paid the money to the states.
If you want to talk about future work, well state hwy jobs might get a little lean in the future if the shut down goes on for years. But like I said there are other projects out there to bid if we need to. We’ve done work for the rail road, oil fields. private companies. There’s always work out there if your willing to adapt and are willing to look.
I just looked at the state bid letting for January and the projects are still there. No note saying letting is canceled.


I dont know any details about your situation, but here’s a hypothetical.

Imagine that you have some number of active, large contracts to work on Interstates. You have a full contingent of employees, all actively working.

The government shuts down. The money turns off, and the work turns off. You’ll get your money when the government reopens - but until then, you’ve got nothing but idle workers and idle equipment.

What do you do? Do you furlough your employees, or pay them out of pocket? How much liquidity do you have?


Apples and oranges.
We would just move on the other projects. Not like I haven’t had to move work around and find additional work when a project gets delayed. I’ve been at this a long time if you aren’t able to adapt and don’t have a cushion than you aren’t going to be in business long.
Construction workers get laid off they draw unemployment until we go back to work. Happens all the time in the winter. But we have always been lucky by being able to find work that could be done in the winter. We don’t put in as many hours and when the weather gets bad we shut down until we can go back to work.


It’s not apples and oranges.

Laying off workers and letting them go on unemployment until you get more work is what I meant by furlough.

I don’t doubt that your company could adapt and survive. But it wouldn’t be fun - and all of your employees would be living off $400 a week.

Even if my hypothetical does not directly apply to you - it does apply to millions of other government contractors or their employees. Every small business janitorial service under contract to take out the trash in a federal building is hurting because of this shutdown. Every SDVOB making rubber gloves for the VA hospital is hurting.