The Government Shutdown Hurts


I agree. McConnell also has a great deal of responsibility for enabling this.

The House passed funding. The Senate passed it by an overwhelming, veto proof majority. It only failed because Trump now demands the American people fund a campaign promise he claimed Mexico would take care of. This could end today if Trump wasn’t determined to throw a temper tantrum and Congressional Republicans weren’t sycophants that are terrified of the base they helped create.


Yes they did.

That’s the 5 Billion dollar question.

Yup. Just like the video’s I posted. At one point it was adventagous for the Dem’s to be for enhancing border security and enforcing our laws.


He’s not.

Every Republican in Congress is also to blame for this. They had the control and the power to make this happen for years now, and didn’t do anything about it.

There really isn’t anything else you can say about it in light of that fact. If they REALLY cared about getting it done rather than using the fact that it isn’t done as a rallying cry to keep the base riled up, they would have done it when they couldn’t be stopped.

Also, while on the subject…they have already been given money for this very project, and have managed to spend a whopping 10% of that which they already were given. As soon as they get themselves in order, maybe they can start there and then ask for more.


And yet somehow this is the fault of the then minority party? Gimme a break.

No, its not. The 5 billion dollar question is whether they really give a ■■■■ about the wall ever actually happening. Given the circumstances, it kinda looks like they don’t. If they built the wall in a week and there were still illegals getting in, they get egg on thier faces and the people realize they were fleeced by a con man and his accomplices.

For the hundredth time…enhancing border security in the minds of Democrats is about many things other than a wall. Those things, like the Area 51 example you gave earlier, would be orders of magnitude more functional.


So do you like the compromise I suggested. A single line:

5 billion dollars is appropriated for border security. Department of homeland security to determine the type and placement.


lol they are? Give me the name of the person responsible please because they have missed the past 2 years of premium contributions.


Nope…I seem to recall a lot of people back when Obama signed his bill for “infrastructure” that had no details for how the spending was going to take place blowing a gasket about it.

For the record, I was one of those people. I’m not a fan of open ended checks being written with no idea how the money is gonna be spent. Doesn’t matter to me who is trying to do the spending. If he or the Congress doesn’t have a plan for how its gonna go down, then I’m not on board with the money being appropriated to a blank canvas.

Also, more to your point…I’m also not a fan of the idea of the President simply appointing some lackey who will parrot the idea that a wall is the be all end all idea. That is all that would be needed for the end result to be the same as the current temper tantrum he is throwing to come to be.

Sorry, hes gonna have to come up with some details for me to be on board with spending on a wall.


cute how you blender statistics to make things look no better than the obama years.

annualized stock returns… lol

wonder why the leftist garbage websites that poop this stuff out for you ignore the minimal obama years growth and his admission of that as the new normal

but as everyone keeps bleating to me, lets stay on topic


everything they did to help border problems had little effect so you can stop pretending 10% etc matters

time to actually address the crisis.

the dems are playing politics, as always. repubs too some. i dont think trump gives a damn about the politics of it. he just wants it done.

thats kind of refreshing if you ask me


i really love the whole “illegal immigration is not really a problem” angle nowadays

ypu cant deny the idiot msm has an effect. what a shame tho


Republicans are scared to death that our demographics will one day be "White: 49.9999%. Everyone else added together: 50.0001%.

So scared that they wouldn’t listen to old Howard Stern shows with crazy and immortal Donald Trump.

So now we’re stuck with a con man conning while Republican Media is pressing him to keep Mexicans/Central Americans out of our country using old timey methods (as other people 3D print drones).

Fear. It works.


It’s called primary sources (e.g. BLS, BEA, CBO, etc). Some of us actually do our own thinking, but I get that’s hard to understand if you are so used to being fed what to think by the tv or radio. Trump inherited an economy in one of the longest expansion periods and at full employment and this is the result. Sad.


I hope it all works out well for you. You’re very smart and I’m confident…a benefit to any employer.


Wasn’t Obama’s shutdown. It was, again, Republicans holding the country hostage to get their way. In the end, they gave in and funded the government. Just like this president will.


Anyone who knows anything about what’s happened at the border knows that it’s more secure now than it ever has been. That’s been true for years. There’s data to back it up. I’ve had this conversation with many conservatives who have been mislead by the conservative media (who are definitely not idiots, but believe their listeners are).

You’re living through a manufactured crisis.


Five bucks says that people all over the country, whose views are causing you career problems, will offer their thoughts and prayers.

You know, like that will solve every person’s problems.


Thoughts ans prayers.


Kirstjen Nielsen has repeated the same bogus numbers that Donald spewed. In addition, she couldn’t even answer a few weeks ago during congressional testimony how many people had died who were in custody at the border. Watching her stammer and try to weasel her way out of giving an answer when confronted with the fact she didn’t know the number, disqualifies her and her department from being the sole determiner.


Well first they would have to start doing that.


“no problems at the border”

got it