The Government Shutdown Hurts


It’s tiny trump’s…he’s proud to take responsibility for it, remember?


Who do you think you’re quoting?


Ostensibly, there is no Senate anymore since Trump dictates what McConnell can bring to the floor for votes.

So its just Trump, The House, and SCOTUS. The Senate is out of the picture. Trump runs the Senate.


He had the House and Senate for 2 years. Why didn’t he make a stand then?


First of all if you’re a Sean Hannity fan you know he strongly supports border security and the wall and he has for years and he would never suggest that the President give in to the corrupt Dems. Secondly banks, credit unions and even mortgage companies offer accommodations to Federal employees who are impacted by Government shutdowns by offering ZERO percent loans up to $6000 (reported by CNBC) knowing that Fed employees will get reimbursed at the end of the shutdown and be able to pay it back so there are steps you can take to insure you won’t lose your home and are able to eat and not be a burden on society. In other words you won’t cost or be a burden to any tax paying citizen so don’t worry about that.

And as another poster in this thread stated they are getting out of Government work and going to the private sector and since thanks to President Trump’s Administration there are more jobs then applicants so that is another path you can take.


Personally, if we are going to be paying government employees, I’d prefer they actually do some work.


Yes but 400,000 people are not trying to get in. It’s easy to scare of three people.


things cant ever get done unless you have house and senate?


The level of difficulty just doubled now that Republicans lost the House. People are rightly pointing out that this is a very odd time to pick this fight.

The sad thing is that this could have all been dealt with last February after the last shut down. Trump wasted that opportinity.

At the end of the day, you just don’t negotiate at gun point.


When Obama shut down the government? Wait, you don’t mean when Republicans publicly camemout repeatedly to shut down the government unless Obamacare was delayed or repealed and then immediately blamed it on Democrats when it proved to be incredible unpopular?

Remembering there’s plenty of video of Republicans saying that.


Ah the memory of Ted Cruz reading Green Eggs and Ham…


My only hope is that this shut down becomes so ugly and awful and prolonged that no one tries it again for a long long time…


But that’s extra work for those affected employees…through no fault of their own.

My parent are government civilians… trust me it hurts. The question is… why are we shutdown when…

  1. Republicans had 2 years to push the through with all branches of government in their back pockets
  2. Mexico was supposed to pay
  3. Illegal border crossings are down with the current infrastructure and personnel
  4. When the current infrastructure stopped the last caravan…

It seeems silly to cause economic stress on millions of Americans to maybe lower illegal border crossings a few percentage points


Donald would have had a lot less resistance then, I believe is the point they’re making.


It’s certainly a lot easier. Wouldn’t you agree?


If any Trump supporters are hurt by this shutdown, you reap what you sow.


easier for other parts of pro-america agenda too

cant fo it all at once

is this what maddow has been saying?


Can’t do it all at once? They spent two years doing practically nothing.


It takes two years to get a running start.


Listening to RW talk radio on way to work this morning…unintended consequences…people getting their SSN/Identities stolen have no federal agency open to report it and deal with the situation.