The Government Shutdown Hurts


He had every opportunity when he had the House majority to do this deal and didn’t do it.

Obama didn’t wait to lose the house to pass the ACA, he struck when he had the best chance of passing it.

It just makes me think this is little more than grandstanding and posturing, optics so to speak, to placate his base.


Maybe he’s getting advice from republican media that this is the perfect time to pick this fight (when they know they can’t win). It works for them during every democratic administration.


Yet another thing that Obama was better at than Trump.

Now, to be fair, Obama had a talented staff, wasn’t being advised by media people and can get a loan from US banks.


i was listening to marketplace yesterday. they mentioned how even before the shutdown the IRS and CPA were all unclear of the new tax provisions. they had done multiple stories of how the 1000 page tax bill was borad, poorly written and these proffesionals were really strugling hwo to give the best advice to their customers and the IRS charged with explaining the situation also were struggling. With the shutdown the companies are unable to get guidance on the tax rules. they call the IRS phone numbers and no one responds


placate by keeping promises. or at least try despite democrats

but he should have done more earlier. i ‘ll give you that


Placate by keeping promises? Are you serious? Come on man…you are smarter than this…or at least I hope you are.

That you don’t see that to him and the Republicans in Congress that the appearance of the fight for the wall is more beneficial to them than the wall actually is is just funny to me…and slightly troubling all at the same time.

The only thing you said in that post that was correct was that if this was actually important to him, he should have done more when he had the chance. I’m contending that he didn’t have any intention of actually backing up that particular campaign promise. It was way easier and way more base cementing to throw it out there that we were gonna build this grand wall and Mexico was gonna pay for it than it would have been to tell that same base we were gonna build the wall at the expense of not being able to give out tax breaks to those who needed them the least. I’m not sure that would have garnered the same reaction at campaign rallies.


at some point people should know when to fold em. having a pair of aces means nothing compared to a full house or a straight


senators leaving at 2 pm is pathetic pandering. they could vote on any of the house submitted bills. yay or nay.


Silly rabbit…you are proving my point. They were already given money, and what they did with it didn’t do anything to help make things better. Now, you must keep in mind that the border is now more secure than it has been in decades, with no more wall and better technology making it so, but that is a different talk for a different thread…but back to my original point…why would we give them more when they haven’t finished wasting the first batch we gave them? I made the analogy in another thread that its like sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner, getting huge portions of everything on the table, not finishing that plate, and then asking someone to make you another plate.

You wanna actually address the problem of illegals in this country? Start dealing with overstayed visas, as they are the vast majority of people here illegally. Its not dudes crossing into San Diego in the dead of the night, no matter how badly the President wants you to believe it is.

Oh, and the 10% thing matters because it goes back to my original point of asking for more when you haven’t done what you were supposed to do with what you already received. Its not really that hard for people who are paying attention.

Its cute that you believe he actually wants the wall done. I have stated many times already…the fight is what he wants. He wants the appearance of caring about someone other than himself without actually having to go to the trouble of actually caring about someone other than himself. If he got the wall built in the next week and it didn’t accomplish what he contended it would, that would actually be more damaging to his legacy than appearing to fight the meanie Democrats and not getting it done, since he could simply blame them for his not fulfilling his campaign promise. On the other hand, fulfilling that promise and it not working any better than before…talk about egg on his face.

They had 2 years where they couldn’t be stopped from doing it, and they didn’t do it. Its pretty simple to understand why.

Talk about playing politics.


I agree that SOME walls work. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t surprise me if Trump got his $5B he would start building his wall in Big Bend.

I’d like to know exactly what he plans to do with the $5B, wouldn’t you?


Not going to happen. Not without a constitutional amendment that install harsh penalties on a congress and president that doesn’t pass a budget.


Looks like the FBI is going to be affected very soon. Maybe this is Trump’s plan to avoid jail.


It reminds me of how Republicans approach abortion.

Always talking about how bad it is, how it has to be outlawed, etc.

Then, when they hold SCOTUS, both houses of congress and the White House what happens?

Nothing. It’s only when they lose some of the power that it suddenly becomes important again, because failing to pass it now is all because of those darn Democrats. If only you put them back into power, for SURE this time they will do something.

Rinse and repeat.



Donald doesn’t care. If anything, having a crippled FBI works to his advantage.


that is how he is making america safe again


I just heard through where I volunteer that students Federal Financial Aid for this semester (for which everyone is eligible) is not being released because of the shut down. This affects millions of students. Most colleges will be starting 2nd semester in the next few days and if they don’t get the funds, they will not be able to go to school this semester.


Nobody said there were NO problems at the border. They said, and rightly so I might add, that there aren’t as many problems as being claimed and that spending 5B dollars on a wall isn’t going to alleviate any of the problems that DO exist.

That isn’t the same as saying there is no problem. Its stating that the proposed solution isn’t gonna solve the problem being complained about.


Don’t think it went unnoticed that I gave you a rational answer to the question you posed to me last night and you convieniently didn’t respond…

Too busy, or did the corner you painted yourself into get a little tight and you needed some time for the paint to dry?


Federal money should not pay for those liberal indoctrination centers anyway… GOOD!