The Government Shutdown Hurts


If that’s not a douche bag post, then I’ve never seen one.

Isn’t it ironic that Trump ■■■■■■■ never said anything like that to coal miners: Stop whining, and go get a job in IT, you ■■■■■■■ slacker!


the 5 billions would not bring them back to get paid. getting the other funding bills signed however…would. he wants a wall, let it come up to a clean vote yes or no. get all of the democrats and republicans on record.


day 20. one more and it will be the longest shutdown and it happened when GOP ran both house of congress and the executive. McConnel, Ryan, Trump leadership at its best


My airline was suppose to start flying out of a new airfield next month. 20 flights a day and that is a lot of jet fuel that would go to the city/county its looking like we wont be able to because we need final FAA approval. people have bought tickets to go on vacation. think of the ripple


You should check your facts. Here is just one state’s notification. Need more?
No work search requirements (a joke anyway) since they will be returning to work.

“Once your UCFE initial claim has been filed, you will have to file eligibility certifications weekly or bi-weekly depending on the state laws. The certifications can be over telephone or on the department’s website. If you’re a furloughed worker, you are not required to report work searches as it’s just a temporary layoff”

Several states are still trying to collect over payments from the 2013 shutdown. So obviously collection of these over payments hasn’t been a priorty 5 years later.

A one week waiting period? Whoop-Dee-Doo!
Especially if you get both unemployment benefits and retro back pay. That’s a financial windfall.

Check the Fed website about the loans. Your misinformed there as well. So many uneducated experts and yet the information is readily available via Google.

OLYMPIA – Federal workers furloughed due to the partial government shutdown may apply for unemployment benefits to help them meet their financial obligations while they wait to return to their jobs.

“Washington stands ready to assist federal workers in our state,” said Employment Security Department (ESD) Commissioner Suzi LeVine. “Just like other workers who are unemployed through no fault of their own, federal workers have the unemployment safety net to help them through this difficult time.”

Federal employees may apply for benefits at or by phone at 800-318-6022. The day they should call depends on the last digit of [their social security number.]
Due to the shutdown, furloughed workers should be prepared to provide verification of their wages when requested because ESD may be unable to reach their employers to verify their wages. Valid documents could include copies of pay stubs or W-2 forms.
ESD has received unemployment benefits applications from roughly 1,000 workers since the furlough started, including those furloughed and workers who were laid off for other reasons.


Paul Ryan and the Republican House never had the votes for a wall.

Why do trump and Republican Media think that Nancy and Democratic House are supposed to have the votes?

It’s frickin bizarre.

You don’t have the votes!


he still think his dad is going to bail him out


Certainly doesn’t sound like a hostage negotiation


You are correct, the state of Washington has waived the work search requirement, but you still have to certify. Which means you can’t take another job.

As I understand it, you can’t get a tsp loan unless you are collecting a paycheck. And, if you are under 59.5 there is a 10% penalty for early withdrawal. Not to mention the tax implications.

Oh, and by the way, I did check on this and those personnel that are showing up for work and not getting paid are NOT qualified to collect unemployment.

Essential workers typically are not eligible for the benefit because they’re still showing up to a job, although furloughed workers likely will qualify.


Things couldn’t ever get done WHEN he had the House and Senate.



Why would you want another job if you are collecting unemployment and have intention to return to your fed job? If you want another job get one. Quit your work with the federal government and stop collecting unemployment. Nothing stopping anyone from that.
Certifying a weekly claim simply means answering a few questions like did you work, did you earn any money, did you go on vacation, were you available for work ? Work search was waived in other states as well not just in Washington. That was provided as an example. You might want to check again on those loans because they’ve made some exceptions due to the shutdown. No penalties when those loans are paid back and they’re considered hardship loans so different rules apply. Keep reading.
This isn’t going to last long. All will be well. The left will soon be able to select a new or resurrecte an old spooky target to whip up over.
Get back to Russiagate perhaps.
One thing for certain, there is no shortage of hate from the co-exist, ever so tolerant, alt left mouthbreathers.


“We’re being played the stooge,”

It’s not like these people were not warned.


When this is all over, Democrats should allot 10 billion in relief to these people.


I like it. Create a conservative estimate of the economic damage created by the Trump shutdown, and identify the injured parties. Pass legislatiion providing direct relief - $10B might not be a ridiculously high number. Watch Trump’s head explode as he tries to justify vetoing it.


the world does not owe you anything i know that lame brains like AOC preach otherwise

if poster doesnt want to fall victim to govt shutdowns then perhaps poster finds different line of work instead of blaming non-socialist presidents and politicians

shows you the govt worker entitlement leftist mentality. “i work for govt so deserve to have a job”. then puts it on supporters as the reason for the hardship. gold

(assuming poster is really someone in this position and not a faker pretending hardship to bash trump which seems very possible)


Slavery by any other name…


I’m guessing about 800,000 people currently on furlough with no pay or working with no pay. Anyone think they vote?


There are fewer coal workers in this country than there currently are government workers not getting paid…not even to mention outlier industries affected by the money not flowing into government worker wallets.





So, do you support the President’s efforts to save dying industries like coal mining, steel manufacturing, etc.? To bail out soybean farmers harmed by his trade policies? If I reviewed your posts over the past six months, would I see derision aimed at those folks, telling them to find another line of work?