The GOP Should Be SCARED (If Biden Pulls This Off)

49.5% of the representation should be male. 37% white non-hispanic.

You have a weird definition of ‘war’.

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They are not represented.

Another example, and I could keep doing this for years by the way, Trumps army of angry white male racists.

OP totally ignoring that Democrats and their media squeaked by, if they did, by selling that Trump was responsible for the COVID virus and the subsequent destruction of the economy.
And now they are selling that this person, whom last week they claimed was a clown who couldn’t even hold onto inherited money, was the master politician of this century the likes of which Republicans will never see again but Democrats will.
All to be taken as seriously as this years polls.


Trumps are a dime a dozen, Obama was a far better politician, now that is someone you won’t find many of. Sure wish he had been on our side. And Trump on theirs.

That’s the “magic underwear” guy!

Were Native Americans harmed when New Mexico was sending only white men to Congress?

Absolutely. Are you kidding?

Yes, so were all women.

Fascinating, thank you.

No… they run for office and are elected by a majority of the votes. They are there because they Represent the population of where they live.

How is that a “War on White Men’”

Disparagement isn’t a war. Also… that is a weird thing to claim when the top two contenders for the Presidential nominee for the Democrats this time around came down to between two old white men.

So in this “War against White Men”… what specific policies… What laws are enacted that are targeted directly at “White Men”?

That’s an opinion piece.

I am looking for what actions have been taken in the “War on White Men”

Even Trump got in on the act, see platinum plan.


Affirmative action.

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Affirmative action, CRT instruction, #metoo

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What does it tell you?

A plan put forward by the Republican President is proof of a Democrat “War on White Men”


Also pervades virtually all media, from sit-coms to movies and music. White men are fed up with being the bad guy and being asked to take the blame for acts of others based on their gender and skin pigment. But like I said, Democrats should continue to deny and dismiss, it’s working out well for Republicans.

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